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Littlebits Starwars Droid Inventor Kit @ The Tinkercademy Store

The coolest 'toy' we had for this year.

A few weeks ago, we had attended a coding workshop at Tinkercademy.  Tinkercademy is the educational arm of Tinkertanker. It conducts a variety of classes on programming, electronics game development and more. 

During that session, we spotted a littleBits Star Wars R2 D2 Droid Inventor Kit and added that to our Christmas Wishlist.

Christmas came early when Tinkercademy set us a unit for review. Other than the coding workshop, Tinkercademy has an online store that allows you to purchase coding kits, cool toys and even register for Tinkercademy classes. Needless to say, we were sold to the idea.  Fixing up our own R2 D2 that walks and talks is just too difficult to resist

The Building Process

Before you start on your kit, download the app Droid Inventor From Apple App Store or Google Play and you are all set to go. 

Recommended for children age 8 and upwards. Kids can build this set on their own with instructions from the app. No adults supervision needed!

The app will provide you with missions to accomplish. Building your own R2D2 is just a start! 

Step 1 - Build  your own circuit board 

There are a few little electronic boards provided to build your own circuit kit. Instructions on the App were clear and easy to follow for the kids. It is a great way for the kids to learn and have hands-on experience in building their own R2D2.

At the end of it, you would have connected the circuit board to your phone and be able to control the sounds R2D2 makes.

Step 2 - Build Droid Parts

It’s time to build the Droid internal parts. Once done, you would have a moving skeleton to build R2 D2 on.

Step 3 - Build R2 D2 Body 

Once the skeleton is done, fix up the body. No screws required, simply click the pieces on together

Add sticker for the finishing touch. 

Want to create your own personal droid, there are additional stickers provided to make a female version R2D2 or even create your own droid ( Personally, we think original R2 D2 rocks ! ) 

More ways to play

There are more than 16 missions to complete. Building the Droid is only half the mission. 

You can go on to add more functions such as intruder alarm, force mode, head controls with clear instructions on the app.  Add a pen to R2D2 and he can even create a masterpiece ala Picasso.
Additional electronic boards included for more functions

You could upgrade your droid to be a mini waiter if you want. The play is only limited to your coding abilities and imagination.

We think this would make an awesome toy for today’s digital generation. Coding is the way to go in the future and this is a perfect introduction to young kids to the world of coding and robots

You can catch our building process on our Youtube Channel. Click here to subscribe.

Get yours at When you are there, do check out their very useful coding workshops too! 

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