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Treasures of the Natural World @ Artscience Museum

Have you seen the Treasures of the Natural World?

Being fans of museums , it was hard to resist an invitation to explore the Treasure head in town. It was hardly surprising when the boys decided to head down to the Artscience Museum to see Treasures come alive in their ongoing exhibit Treasures of the Natural World.
Artscience Museum
Treasures of the World
Artscience Museum has a few ongoing exhibitions throughout the year. Treasures of the Natural World is held at the Museum from 25 November till 29 April

The exhibition showcase treasures of the natural world curated from the fame Natural History Museum of London. Museum fans would know that the latter house some of the most significant treasures of the natural world with over 80 million specimens.  200 of the museum's star objects will be display at Southeast Asia for the very first time in Artscience Museum.

To explore the exhibit, kids could choose to dress up as brave explorers or their favourite animals at the entrance, making it a unique way for the little ones to enjoy the exhibit.   The exhibit is separated into 5 different trail sections for the little ones to explore.

Section 1 : Building nature's treasure house

The first section showcases the formation of the Natural History Museum.

Most of the initial collections was from Sir Hans Sloane private collection. This helped kickstart the formation of the British Museum.

For the little ones, discover a multi-sensory cabinet that opens up to reveal mysterious and wonder of the natural world.

We dare you to put your hand in to guess what is within the cabinets!

Other highlights includes the cursed amethyst, giant trilobites fossils an an Ancient Egyptian mummified cat.

Secton 2 : Treasures of the Mind

The second gallery tells a tale of how scientist used the priceless treasures on displays as inspiration to answer some of Earth's great mysterious.

Discover the wildlife and check out the hand-written page from On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.

Section 3: Treasures of Exploration

The 3rd Section honours the explorers. From Captain James Cook first voyage to Austrailia and New Zealand to Captain Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to the deep oceans.

There is a ship there for mini explorers to embark on their own expedition.

Highlights include a Southern Cassowary, Antarctic fossil wood and a Microfossil Christmas Card.

Can you read what the Christmas Card says?

Section 4 : Treasures of Life are Everywhere

In this Gallery , you will find treasures of Life both past and present that are found everywhere. From the deepest ocean, to the hottest deserts, Live continues to evolve.

See Exhibits like the Giant Ground slot, Sabre-toothed cat and the extinct Tasmanian Tiger standing next to its modern counterpart.

For kids, you can fold and make your own tigers or monkeys to bring home.

Section 5 : A museum for a modern world

The final gallery takes a close look at the unique treasures cared for at the Natural History Museum and the scientific pursuits and breakthroughs. Check out the 717-gramme fold nugget with individual crystals intact. A rare find as Gold is usually soft and erodes easily.

Kids can explore how science and technology constantly evolve in an interactive game

While you are there , you should also explore the Free Virtual Adventure - Into the Wild

Grab a smartphoen device and go around the Artscience Museum to explore the virtual forest.

You might even spot an animal or two when you are there!

Head to level 3 after your virtual adventre and immerse yourself in a cinematic experience.

Here you can catch a film depicting the fragile habitat of the five animals you have found earlier in your virtual adventure.

We do recommend more time at the Artscience Museum as there are so much more to see.

Art from the Streets

See the world's most iconic street artist presenting their provocative works together for the first time in Southeast Asia.

Additional fee for this exhibit. Exhibit is from 13 Jan to 3 June.
Tools of Trade
Beat of the Street : Yok & Sheryo

Catch them in action on screen . Beat of the Street : Yok  & Sheryo is a Free admission exhibit.

Future World

A visit to Artscience Museum is not complete if you have not been to the Future World

This is where Art Meets Science. An exhibit that is apt for Artscience Museum. A permanant exhibit, it features high tech interactive artworks. You can even create your own artwork to be featured on the digital canvas. The exhibit deserves a review on its own, so stay tune for it!

Artscience Museum has plenty of offers for families.
Every Friday, up to four children under 12 enters for free with every adult ticket *

In addition, a family pass of 2 adults and 2 kids only cost $79 upwards for all access tickets(Singapore Residents rates) . A great deal in our books!

*Not valid on Singapore school holidays and public holidays

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