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Lazada 6th Birthday Festival x blueLounge Surprise Box

It's Lazada 6th Birthday Festival!

We have a chance to preview the Lazada x blue lounge surprise box specially curated for this celebration. From 24-26 April, there will be several Branded Surprise Boxes with a value of $100 going for a song at $29 per box. Besides, there will be 4 exclusive premium beauty boxes worth $100 going at $50 each.

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Read on to check out what to expect in the blue lounge Surprise box.

Lazada x blueLounge 
Lazada x blueLounge 
The box we get to review is the Lazada x blueLounge Surprise Box. Here is a peek of what is inside the box.
blueLounge  Cable Box Mini

blueLounge CableBox Mini (Retails for $29)

blueLounge  Cablebox Mini
The blueLounge CableBox Mini is the perfect desk companion to keep your ac adapters, chargers, hubs and cords all neatly stored and hidden in the box. It keeps everything hidden out of sight. At 237 x117x131 mm, it leaves a tiny footprint on or under your desk, yet keep the desk beat and tidy for you to concentrate on your work.  At a retails price of $29, you would already get your capital back with just one item in the blueLounge  Surprise box.

blueLounge  Kii Lightning Connector (Retails for $49)
blueLounge  Kii Lightning Connector
Next item in the Box is the very useful blueLounge  Kii Lightning Connector. Now you can charge and sync your iPhone on the go with this device. There is no need for cables or WiFi network with this nifty gadget. Retailing at $49, it will already give you more bang for your bucks in this surprise box!

That is not all!
There is a total of 4 items in the box with a total value of $100. The Surprise box will be going for $29 during the promotion period (24-26 Apr). In our opinion, this makes it a deal that is all too good to be missed! *

Grab it while you still can here!

In addition to these value deals, look for discounts up to 90% off for selected items. There are more than 600 flash deals during this promotional period ( 24-26 Apr). Also, there are up to $120 vouchers for you to use for an added discount.

For our readers only, quote LAZPARTYNC6 and receive an additional 18 % off (Capped at $6). Hurry, only valid for the first 100 new customers from 24-26 April!

Get it at this link!

Source: Lazada

What are you waiting for? Head to Lazada now to start shopping!

* Disclaimer: Some items shown here may vary from one box to another


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