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Singapore Night Safari Review : 5 must do experiences

Ready for a twilight encounter with nocturnal animals?

Be ready for a fresh new experience at the Night Safari. If you have been to the zoo only at daytime, a trip down to the Night Safari opens up a whole new experience.  Fancy seeing animals that are most active at night and get up close and personal with them?

Then, the  Singapore Night Safari is the place to go!

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Night Safari

If you had not been there, here are five experiences you should not miss.

Jungle Rotisserie
The best place to have a bite at the Night Safari would be a meal at Jungle Rotisserie.
Jungle Rotisserie
The quarter chicken is the best seller. However, it is not the only the food that makes it a must-try experience...
Quarter Chicken
Rather, you would have the best seat in the house to view one of the shows at Night Safari - the fiery Thumbuakar Performance.

There are a couple more dining options there. You can have a quick bite at Safari Sizzles that sells crispy snacks, have an Asian and Indian Buffet at Ulu Ulu restaurant or enjoy Singapore's all-time favourite dishes such as chicken rice at the same venue.  Prices are a tad high at Ulu Ulu so do prepare to spend if you are dining there.
Safari Sizzles
It is recommended that you have your meal before heading in. There is a Zebra Cafe in the park at the walking trails, but they are more for drinks than meals.

Zebra Cafe

There are 2 main shows at the Night Safari. Catch the fiery Thumbuakar Performance and the entertaining Creatures of the night.

Thumbuakar Performance
Flame on!
The Thumbuakar performance takes place outside the entrance plaza.  Watch humans turn into a fiery beast in this blazing fire show. There are different performances throughout the night. The more spectacular ones happen when the night falls.

The performance is held outside the main entrance, so you still get to see it even if you are not heading into the Night Safari.

Check here for the schedule.

Creatures of the Night
Creatures of the Night

Be amazed by the otters, binturongs, civets and other night creatures in this highly popular show. The show always has full capacity, so do queue up early if you would like to get a seat. There are 3 shows on most nights with additional shows on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays. If you are heading there during peak periods, we do recommend either the first or the last show to get your seats.

Here are some of the show highlights for the evening.

Civets hanging by its tail

The powerful jaws of Hyena

The smallest fox with longest ears -  Fennec Fox
Source: Night Safari
There are a total of 4 trails to explore at night. Walked through the dark forests, hear the crickets chirp, see the night animals who are most active during this twilight period.

Fishing Cat Trail

You could start from either the fishing cat trail or the Wallaby Trail. We do suggest starting from the Fishing Cat Trail and do a clockwise route to complete all 4 trails.
At the Fishing Cat Trail, you can find animals such as the Fishing Cat, Himalayan Tahr, Civet, Asia Otter and more.
Asian Otters
Fair warning... it does get dark pretty fast and you would need keen eyesight to spot some of the animals.
Indian Gharial
Leopard Trail
Add caption

Next trail would be the Leopard Trail, you get the see the Leopard up close along with close relatives such as the Leopard Cat and Clouded Leopard.
Eagle Owl
Other animals include the eagle Owl and our favourite... slow Loris.  Watching a slow Loris move is like watching Life going slow-mo right in front of your eyes. Amazing!

There are 2 enclosures on this trail. The Mangrove Walk containing fruit bats and the Giant Flying Squirrel.

Seeing the fruit bat up close may not be everyone's cup of tea ( especially little kids) but it was easy to see how Batman is inspired by it.

East Lodge Trail

We come to the midpoint of the trails. At the start of East Lodge Trail, you can take a break at the East Lodge. There is the Zebra Cafe there for refreshment and a good place for toilet breaks. Once past the East Lodge, you would be greeted by the best view at the Night Safari... a spectacular view of Seletar Reservoir.
Lions awaiting their meals.
On the way, you might be able to catch the lions and tigers feeding time. Be there early as there might be a crowd there.
Giraffe, Sloth Bear, Spotted Hyenas, Baruisa can also be found on this track.
Sloth Bear

Spotted Hyenas- Who is watching who?


Wallaby Trail
Last but not least, the Wallabies found from down under. Other animals such as White-lipped python and Sugar Gliders can be found there too.
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The best way to explore Night Safari is via the tram rides. Be warned... the queues can get quite scarily long. Thankfully, it was cleared in double quick time too. We joined in the queue during the peak period and it took us a mere 20 minutes to get on one.
Express Trams
Each tram comes with audio commentary in English. The trams are wheelchair friendly too. If you could not wait, you could also opt for the express tram (additional $10). It has additional commentary in 8 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese.

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Back to the tram rides. The tram rides are the highlight of the show. During the ride, you can get up close to some animals without barriers! For the bigger animals, there might be a pond to separate them from the tram route.
Look out for the imposing Chawang, Night Safari First animal icon. This 40-year-old gentle giant has been in Singapore since he was 6!

Other notable animals are the rare White African Lions (less than 300 lions worldwide), Greater Asian Rhinocerous, Indian Wolf and more.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open. You might spot a wide mouth Hippo or even hear a howling wolf during the ride!

Towards the end of the tram ride, you might even be accompanied by the Malayan Tiger as the tram ride approaches the disembarkation area. The tram ride itself takes about 25 minutes. Despite Singapore's reputation for its hot weather, it was rather chilly on this tram ride.

Source: Night Safari

There are more specialised experiences you can try at the Night Safari. From Unique Dining Experience to wildlife tours to even camps. These activities would cost extra and would need booking in advance. For more information, refer to the Singapore Night Safari Website.

Wait... we have more tips!
Before we head back to civilisation, there are more tips to share to have an enjoyable time at the Singapore Night Safari.

1) Pre-book your tickets to skip the queues. 
Prebook tickets online to skip the queues. You can opt to book your tickets from Klook. The tickets are usually priced at a discount compared to the official store. Tie in with discount codes, you will get an even better deal.

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2) Get timed Passes.
The entry to the park is by timing. They are quite strict on timings. If you have an open pass, you might not get in especially when the park is full during the time slot.

3) Go for the 715pm pass
The earlier the better. We were there at 715 pm and managed to complete the trails, sat on trams and watch the last Creature of the Night show. Any later and we would probably have to skip one of this. Be there early, especially if you have kids

4) Take the tram rides first if you have the 715 pm pass
It would be the shortest queue compared to other times and you might even get a chance to sit it twice for the night if time permits.

5) USe Klook for transport
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Singapore Night Safari
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Singaproe 729826

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