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Who dies and lives in Avengers : Infinity War (Review + Spoilers Alert!)

Warning .. This is a Spoiler post. Do not click if you have not watched the movie.

It had been 3 days since Infinity War launched worldwide. If you are a true Marvel fan, you would probably catch this much-anticipated show on the first day or over the weekend.

Before you read further, this post provides the full list of your favourite Marvel Character who died and lives in Infinity War. Besides, there WILL be several spoilers. If you do not wish to know before the show, we highly recommend you to close this page.


The above scene from the trailer does not appear in the movie.

This scene was misleading. If it is in the trailer, it should be in the show. Otherwise, do not hoodwink the audience. The giveaway was the Big Green Hulk leading the charge. We waited and waited and Hulk just says NO!

The Full list of Marvel Characters that are confirmed dead ... till part 2
If this is the reason why you click this post, read this before getting the full rundown. We think that some characters that 'died' would probably resurrect in Part 2 of the Infinity War. Some survivors might actually be dead in the next show. The ones that would resurrect would be the ones that vanquished into the thin air after Thanos snaps his fingers upon obtaining the Infinity Stone. We will split the list between pre-Thanos Snap and Post Thanos Snap

Pre Thanos Snap

Marvel's favourite villain is dead. He may be a villain in the Marvel Franchise but the God of Mischief has his humorous moments. His last redemption was an attempt the stab Thanos in the neck before being killed by Thanos neck grip. He may lead a dubious life but he died a noble death.


Thor's best friend was the next to die after sending Hulk safety away with a magic spell.


The daughter of Thanos, whom he adored, became the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for the soul stone. She died when she was pushed off the cliff by Thanos. We could hear a million Guardians of the Galaxy fans' hearts breaking with this one...


You probably see this coming. Especially when he has the mind stone on his head and Thanos need it to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. If you have not seen it, you have no Vision. Either way, Vision died.

The Black Order

The Children of Thanos, otherwise known as The Black Order made their first appearance on the Marvel Franchise at Infinity War... probably the last as well as they were all KIA. Say bye to Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive and Cull Obsidian. You probably would not know who they are because their names were hardly mentioned onscreen.

Post Thanos Snap

When the infinity stones are all assembled in the Gauntlet,  Thanos can kill half the universe with just a snap of his fingers. He did that near the end of the show. Within minutes, a dozen familiar faces were struck off the Big Screen.

Do not bring out your tissues yet... we suspect that they will be back.  Have you read the comics?

Dr Strange 

He was a prophet and probably saw his own death. Of the 14 million + visions he saw in the future during the show, there was only one way to win this war. He might have given up the Mind Stone without a fight, but he had his reasons. Perhaps, he saw that he will eventually survive at the end of Part 2 as a result of the decision he made?


Spidey got a new suit!

Wait... he died 2 hours later. Surely this is not the last we see of the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman ( Especially when a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming was announced for 2019). Without Spiderman, there will be no Friendly Neighbourhood.

His dead was painfully felt among the younger audience. We have heard a kid swearing off Marvel Movies after he turns to dust.

Black Panther 

He will be back.... with a billion dollars made in the box office, it will be too early to kill off this Marvel's potential Golden Goose.

Winter Soldier 

Captain American best friend and potential future Captain America died?
Not so fast, who is going to pick up the shield if he goes?


There is still the Falcon, right? He was seen as an alternative to the Winter Soldier to fill Cap's big red shoes.

No wait .. he turned to ashes too.

Scarlet Witch

The only Avenger till date that has the proven power to destroy the Infinity Stone. Who will step into her place if she is gone forever?

The Guardians of the Galaxy (Star-Lord, Groot, Drax and Mantis)

Except for the Rocket (and Nebula), all the Guardians perish at the blink of an eye.
Fret not, Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 was announced before Infinity War. Unless the original Guardians - Ravagers takes over the movie, there is a good chance the crew sans Gamora will be back.

So for now, say goodbye to Star-Lord, Groot, Drax and Mantis.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill

The founder of  Avenger Initiative and his trusty deputy Maria Hill were not spared... or are they?

Those who Survive

Surprisingly, it is the original Avengers (and some token new characters) that live to tell the tale... for the moment. Then again there is Part 2

Captain America

He had decided to adopt Thor's former looks in this show. Still fighting on even if he is the oldest human in the show. He alone represents why there is a war against Thanos. He would not trade a life even if it means the survival of half of the universe. Many would call this humanity even if does not matter if the life was actually an Android robot called Vision - the irony!

Iron Man

Talked about irony, let's move to Iron Man. He was stabbed by Thanos. Everyone in the theatre let out a grasp with tissues on standby. Could this be the end of the iconic Iron man?

He was the one that started the cinematic Marvel Universe. His death will leave fans to sadden, but it will be expected. So expect the unexpected.


The strongest Avenger choose to take a backseat and said NO to battle in Infinity War. Instead, the Hulkbuster took its place. As much as we like to see the Hulkbuster, we love the big green monster better. Bring us back the Hulk in Infinity War 2!

PS: The first trailer was misleading. The charge with Hulk did not even appear in the movie. Ho- Hum


A new weapon  - the Mjolnir and a new eye courtesy of Rocket. The God of Thunder lives on for another battle. He almost fulfils his destiny of killing Thanos. As Thanos said, he should have gone for the head instead.

Black Widow

She will be the Blond Widow now. She may not have superpowers but do not underestimate her as she took out a couple of The Black Order in Infinity War.

Girl power!

War Machine

He may have lost the use of his legs, but he kept his life in this one. Still standing!


If the rest of the Guardians have died, there should be someone left to take the mantle in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Could it be the rabbit... er Rocket?


Someone got to represent the Cosmic World of Marvel and take vengeance for Gamora and the rest of the GOTG team.


Wakanda Forever!
The Warrior General lives to prepare for another battle.


Someone got to take over Black Panther helm and lead Wakanda to battle in Avenger 4. Could he be the one?


The big man lives and retired as he would like in the mountains watching the sunset. Somehow we think we will not see the last of him, especially when the end credit states that 'Thanos will return'.

Those who ( may ) Survive

The show did not show the outcome of the following characters, but they might survive the Snap of Thanos


Black Panther Sister disappears after a fight. Did she survive?

The Collector

He collected the Reality Stone and Thanos got his hands on it. They did not show if he died as a result of it in Infinity War. In Thanos alternate reality scene, it showed he survive... could he?


He returned to the Sanctum Sanctorum to protect the place after Dr Strange departure. Could he have survived too?


If Peter Parker had died permanently, someone got to replace him right?
After all, Ned did don the mask before. No confirmation on his actual fate though...

Petter Potts

Did she make it? Will she have a baby with Tony or will the latter suffer another heartbreak?
Don't hold your breath, we will only know in Avengers 4

Altri the (Giant) Dwarf

The Master weaponsmith cast the Infinity Gauntlet and the Mjolnir that Thor used to battle Thanos. With the Infinity Gauntlet destroyed after a snap. Will he be called to forge another one for Avengers 4?

Ant-Man and Hawkeye

Missing in actions were Ant-Man and Hawkeye. They were under house arrest. Ant-Man was presumed to be fine since Antman and the Wasp are set to hit the big screen in July this year.  No word on Hawkeye too. Maybe they will be back together to in Avenger 4.


A major player in Thor: Ragnarok, her fate is unknown even though she was on board the ship that Thanos intercepted on the way to earth. Where was she?

Red Skull

Guess who is back in Infinity War. The unlikely Guardian of the Soul Stone, Red Skull made a brief appearance in the show. His status is unknown after the Snap so it's a question mark if he will be back.

Stan Lee

We are pretty sure that he would be alive, albeit as another character in the next Marvel Movie.

No new superheroes

As opposed to what was rumoured, there was no new Superhero in Infinity War. We were introduced to Eltri the Dwarf but were disappointed with the lack of new faces.

Where is Silver Surfer? Still cannot get out of the dreaded 20th Century Fox franchise with the Fantastic Four? What about the Xmen?

Nonetheless, Captain Marvel was hinted to appear in Avengers 4 at the end credits ... if she survives the Snap.

Thanos will be back

Instead of the 'Avengers will return' , 'Thanos will return' appeared as the end credit. Guess he could not retire as he wished after bringing 'balance' to the universe.

Actually, Thanos was NOT the meanest villain in Marvel universe as he is made out to be. Yes, he destroyed planets but he only does so to bring balance to the universe. To ensure the survival of the Universal, he decided it is his mission to destroy half of it so the other half can prosper with the finite resources. He even sacrifices the one he truly loves. In a twisted reality, it was a heavyweight for one to carry for a noble cause.

The war does not end here... 
Will their time be up in Avengers 4?

There will be a part 2 next year ( May 2019). We predict that those who lived (especially the Original Avengers) will sacrifice their lives to bring back those who were exterminated after the Snap. A big clue as to why this is so.... most of their contracts for Marvel films are coming to an end soon. More importantly, the ones who perished are huge money-spinners for Marvel. Surely, you do not want to risk that. With that in mind, we think this spoiler post does not matter much. It will be Part 2 that will determine the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We reckon the next Avengers movie might even be call Avengers: Resurrection

Maybe this time around, the Avengers will finally live up to their namesake and avenge the Universe. In the meantime, here is a song to keep you occupied.

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