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Wacky Singapore Moments - Apr 2018 edition

Hands up for those who feel that Singapore is getting wackier by the day?

We think over the years, Singapore had evolved to be more than just a tiny red dot... it had become a tiny WACKY red dot.  If you feel the same way, it may not be coincidental. It seemed that the incidents are related to the high stress environment in Singapore.

As such, we decided to start a new segment on the portal. Let's call it Wacky Singapore Moments (WSM).  Here are the top Wacky Moments in Singapore for Apr 2018

Hi - Jack!
RASF Jets deployed to escort Scoot Plane to Changi Airport after mid flight bomb threat.

It was a surreal scene straight out from a Hollywood Blockbuster. Thankfully , this was a hoax and the people responsible for it were caught upon landing

Go Fish

Dolphin Caught in Bedok Jetty

When you fish in Bedok Jetty, you usually hope to catch some small fishes and maybe a grouper if you are lucky. A Dolphin was the unlikely victim this month when it got tangled with fishing line . Thankfully, it was rescued and freed by Acres ( Animal Concerns Research & Education Society)

Fuel 10 or Full Tank?
Or how  online vigilantes became a lynch mob
Source : Google Map

A purported 'misunderstanding' or a breakdown in miscommunication. The case of the man who wanted to pump $10 but was billed for a full tank instead. In the end , he only paid $10 for his fuel.

The fact of the matter is this
- Caltex and the Police had stated that after investigation, it was a misunderstanding.
- Any loss would be absorbed by Caltex and the pump attendant is not affected.

It was a case of online vigilant that got out of hand when the man's personal details such as address, employment and family were dug up for all to scrutinized even when the 'affected' parties had already stated all that all is good. Who is the good guy now?

Global search or Gombak Search
Source : Mothership

The 'global search' for the New SMRT CEO had ended. A worthy candidate was found . The current SMRT CEO, Desmond Kuek, a former chief of defence force will be replaced by a former chief of defence force Neo Kian Hong.  Both were formerly from Gombak.

There was a global search for the new SMRT CEO and it ended it our own backyard. It was great that SMRT chose to go local. Could this signal new career path for Army Generals?

Bumblebee Vs Optimus Prime
Temasek Polytechnic Showdown

Seriously, everyone is just too stress in Singapore. We have no idea what is going on here, but it went viral. If you have 18 minutes of your precious time to spare, you can see the whole fiasco here.

Farewell to an Icon
RIP Inuka

We part April on a sad note... Our local born and breed Polar Bear had passed away. Farewell Inuka.

There will not be another like him on our shores anymore...

Bad Taste Marketing
A case study on what NOT to do for marketing

In less than a day since Inuka death, local homeware distributor decided it is a wise choice to name a non descriptive teapot with lid as the famous icon as a 'tribute'. An obvious attempt to ignite sales, it failed so badly with the full onslaught of backlash from the internet brigade. So much so, it had to 'donate' the profits to charity. Too little too late imho.


The level of Wackiness in Singapore is getting higher for the month of April. We wonder what is in store for May...

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