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Hollywood China Arcade @ Universal Studios Singapore

There is a new arcade in town.

Technically, the statement above is false (#fakenews?).

The new arcade is actually located off the mainland at Sentosa. Hollywood China Arcade opens its doors at Universal Studios Singapore. Since we took the opportunity to unwind at USS last month, we thought it would be nice to pop in and explore.
Hollywood China Arcade
The Hollywood China Arcade is located at the former Hollywood China Bristo. Entrance to Hollywood China Arcade requires entrance to USS. Heading to the arcade on its own would not be worth it. However, if you are at USS, you might want to head during the extremely hot day or rainy day,

Like most arcade we had been to, the Hollywood China Arcade has 3 separate play areas. You have arcade games like Daytona on one side...

Claw catchers on another...

Last but not least, arcade games with tickets.

We were most interest in the arcade games with tickets. There are a limited number of machines that would churn out tickets. If you are there for that, you might be a little disappointed.

The best machine that provided the most tickets would be the Kung Fu Panda. The payout for the rest was quite low. Gameplay was about $2 per game.

It was a tad sad especially when there is a counter with attractive prizes all line up for us to redeem.

You could redeem USS exclusive items like the giant Elmo or Transformers head.

The catch is each cost more than 15000 points. At that rate, you probably need to pay $1000 to win one if you are an average player. A little too rich for our blood.

Thankfully, there are winnable prizes that need a lower quantum to redeem. Quite winnable for one visit.

The rates as of March are as shown. If you are an Annual or Season Pass holder, you will get additional bonus credits. Another hidden benefit of membership.

So if Hollywood China Arcade worth a visit. If you are already in USS, it would complete the experience in the park. Just remember to bring more $$ to play!

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