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Never lose your things with Tile : Tile Pro Series Sport and Mate Review + Giveawy

Never lose your things again with Tile.

In the household, we like to to play Lost and Found. Daddy would lose stuff and Mommy would be the one looking for it. If you are anything like our Dad, there will be more than one occasion you would search high and low for the house keys, car keys or hand phone . With age catching up to Dad, losing things in the house is almost a weekly affair.

The 'problem' is solved with Tile series of Bluetooth Tracker  from Axtro Sports. Axtro Sport is an online retail store specializing in Fitness Tech as well as Smart Home products such as trackers, home sensors and security. You can view the whole range of products here.

The items that caught our eyes are the Tile range of Trackers.The Tile family consist of Tile Sport, Tile Style, Tile Mate and Tile Slim. We will be reviewing the Tile Mate and Tile Sport.

What is Tile?

It is a blue tooth tracker designed to find lost items. If it is within 100-200 foot ( depending on product), it will play a loud tune until you find it. Tile works on the phone as well. Simply double press the Tile itself and your phone will ring... even on silent!

Another addition plus to Tile is that it can track your last place seen. Keep the tile app running in the background and it will remember the place and time you had your item.

A unique feature compared to other bluetooth trackers is that you can create your own search party, The Tile app would connect to the Tile community. You can now mobilize your friends and even strangers to find the Tile. A useful app if you are looking for a lost child in the mall.

App can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play .

What can you do with Tile?
Use it for keys 
Tile for keys
House keys and car keys are the main MIA culprits. Never lose them in the house again with Tile

Use it to find your phones
Tile can also be used to find the phone. Simply press the Tile button twice and your phone will sound out even on silent mode

Use it for travel

With Tile, you can attached it to the bag. If it was lost or even stolen, you might have a chance to retrieve it with Tile

Use it for tracking kids

Worried about your child safety . Attached a Tile to the bag. If need to, activate the Tile Community to find a lost child.

Use it for the shopping

Mom (or even Dad) loves to shop. What if you prefer to do something else instead?

No fret, attach a Tile to the shopper or yourself and find each other when done. Tile is small enough to fit in a wallet or handbag.

Which Tile to use?

Tile Mate

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a versatile Bluetooth tracker that goes with almost anything. It clips to your bags and keys with ease. It is even small enough to put in your purse or wallet so you can even track them when lost. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 100ft and is water and dust resistance to IP 57 standards.

Size is a mere 34 x 34 x 4.65 mm and weights only 6.1g

Tile Sport

Tile Sport
Imagine a heavy duty Tile Mate and you would have the Tile Sport. This new Pro Series is twice as powerful with a double range of 200 foot. It is twice as loud as the Mate and is even waterproof for up to 1.5 meters for 30 mins.

Size is a tad bigger at 37.5 x 37.5 x 5.9 mm and weights 11g, ideal for attaching to a bag.

Tile comes with a non replaceable batteries that last for one year. The plus side is that you can get a replacement Tile (Re-Tile) at a generous discount after one year.

Want to get your own Tile ?
Get Your Tile here

You can purchase the items at this link . Tile Pro Sports starts at SGD 59.  Tile Mate starts at SGD 29 per pack.

An interesting thing happened during the course of writing this post. True to form, Dad misplaced his keys at home. Instead of spending hours to look for it, it was found in a jiffy with Tile. It proved that once you get Tile, you will never lose things again. In our opinion, it is highly recommended!

Specially for our readers, you have one Tile Sport to be given away.

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Disclosure : TWD was provided the above Tile for the purpose of the review. All opinions are of our own

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