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Royal Albatross : Sunset Sail City Lights Dinner Cruise

Sail away on a luxurious Tall Ship...

When the invitation came to set sail on the Royal Albatross and have a romantic dinner on board, we did not hesitate to accept. It was going to be a date without The Wacky Duo. The perfect getaway for some 'We ' time as a couple.

Let's sail away

The Royal Albatross is a 47m Barquentine Schooner also known as a 'Tall Ship' docked at Resort World Sentosa. The largest Tall ship of its class in Singapore, it can have host up to 149 guests for a cruise. On Weekdays ( Monday to Thursday), it is docked at RWS and serve as a floating bar and restaurant. During the weekends  ( Friday to Sunday), it heads to the Sea for a Sunset Sail City Lights Cruise with Dinner on board.

Royal Albatross Bar and Restaurant

It's time to board the ship!

Source: Royal Albatross
On a Friday evening, we checked in and get ready for our first Dinner on a Tall Ship experience.
Check-in @ Royal Albatross
Checking in was a breeze. You will be tag according to the package you choose and headed off on board. Do note that shoes are not allowed on the ship. It will be stored on docks before departure, so wear something comfortable.
Ready to board.

There are 2 different classes of dining option. They are the Gold and the Platinum class. The Gold Class is a buffet-style meal with free seating at the back of the ship, while the Platinum class is a more formal sit down dinner with designated seats on the front of the ship.

If you are bringing a date, the platinum class would definitely impress with its luxurious setting onboard.
Designated Platinum seats
During our cruise, it was a little overcast. Thankfully the ship has canopies if rain occurs. Thus it is rain or shines Dinner Cruise.
Platinum Class seating
Be there early and you would get to explore the cruise before it sets sail.
Open Bar
The Royal Albatross is a 3 storey ship. The top deck consist of the dining area for both Gold and Platinum Class as well as an open bar.

Head down to the second level to discover more...
Exploring Royal Albatross
The middle deck house the open area where the buffet spread is. For Gold Ticket holders, this would be where you would get the fabulous spread for dinner.

If you want to keep the cool, head down to the luxurious Grand Salon to have a drink.
Grand Salon - Royal Albatross
The Royal Albatross is one of the 100 odd remaining Tall ships in the world. It oozes luxury in every corner. With only a fifth deck out in luxurious setting, this is one Tall Ship experience that is unique and rare in any parts of the world.
Grand Salon - Royal Albatross
The Grand Saloon houses an open bar and has an area for performance. A good place to chill before the ship sails.
You can even consider having your wedding celebration on board. If you intend to charter the ship for a celebration, you can gain access to the Honeymoon Suite located on the first deck of the ship. The Royal Albatross is also available for private and corporate charter

Honeymoon Suite @ Royal Albatross
Check out the intrigue cravings on board.
Wood Craving - Royal Albatross
We were told that these were crafted out from the Philippine Crew onboard. They were initially hired as woodcarvers before getting converted to sailors and be part of the sailing crew.

Before long, we set sail for our Sunset City lights Cruise

Thankfully the weather improved and the canopy was removed to reveal impressive masts and sails.

It's time to set sail...
Full speed ahead

Do you need seasick pills?

In case you are worried about seasickness on board, the ride was pretty pleasant with minimum rocking on board. 

With the canopy down while sailing, it was a different experience on board. The feel of the cool breeze on your face and the sight of open seas was a delightful encounter.

The crew on board were pretty attentive. Decked in their white costume and red shorts, it will be easy to spot them.
Royal Albatross Crew
Soon dinner was served.
Starter @ Royal Albatross
There was a welcome drink followed by starters,main course and desserts.
Main Platter @ Royal Albatross

The main course consists of a platter with a variety of Roasted AUS Beef Sirloin Au Jus, Atlantic Prawn with Mussels and French Chicken Roulade. The dessert is a medley of Chocolate Brownie, Mango Pudding with Raspberry Sauce and Mini Lemon Meringue Tart and Bread Buttering. ( Menu differs for meals on Sunday)

Desserts @ Royal Albatross
The servings were not large to the space limitation on the table. We were told that you could ask for extras if you have room for more.
Bar Menu
Other than the welcome drinks, you can choose a selection of juices, wines and premium spirits from the bar. Additional drinks are not included in the menu.

In between dishes, you could walk around on board and admire the Singapore Skyline from a different perspective.

The ship sails around Sentosa and parts of Singapore. During the cruise, you would be able to spot the familiar skyline of Singapore.

Another experience onboard would be the entertainment. There was live entertainment onboard during our dinner.
Entertainment @ Royal Albatross
A cruise on the Royal Albatross is befitting for special occasions. On that particular evening, we have a couple of anniversaries and birthday celebrations on board.

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For married couples, it would be a great way to spend quality time with your other half. A cruise does transport you away from the daily grind of work and children and is engrossed with each other's company under the moonlight. You might even consider booking the whole ship and plan a proposal with family and friends #ideaforproposal.

If you are in the mood, you can also choose to groove to the music after dinner.

Highly recommended for those seeking a romantic time away!

The cruise ended with a Fireworks courtesy of Sentosa ' Wings of Time' performance.

A sunset cruise on a luxurious tall ship, candlelight dinner and fireworks. What more can you ask for on a romantic date?

Check out our video highlights of the cruise

Don't be a surprise if you catch a proposal or two on board!
Like what you see and want to experience the Royal Albatross with your loved one?

You can book the Gold or Platinum Tickets from this link

Royal Albatross

Update Aug 2018:  Giveaway is now officially closed

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