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Sydney Self-Drive Holiday - Sydney - Blue Mountains - Port Stephens Itinerary

Let's go for a self-drive holiday in Sydney!

Having been on Self Drive trips around Perth and Margaret River, it was time to explore the cityscape of Sydney and the natural surroundings of the Blue Mountains and Port Stephens. The whole journey took us 10 Days and 9 nights. Sydney - Blue Mountain self-drive had always been a popular self-drive route. We decided to add Port Stephens to the mix to make it a longer trip.

Major attractions covered will be as follow.

  • Chinatown
  • Paddy's Market
  • Darling Harbour
  • Wild Life Sydney
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Fort Denison
  • Whale Watch Sydney
  • Luna Park
  • Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq
  • Bondi Beach

Blue Mountains
  • Scenic World
  • Jenolan Caves

Port Stephens
  • Australia Reptile Park
  • Pelican Feeding at the Entrance
  • Toboggan Hill Park
  • SuperStrike

  • Meriton World Towers
  • Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains
  • Nelson Resort
  • Meriton Bondi Junction

With such a long list, hang tight as we bring you around Sydney and beyond.

Warning: Bandwidth eater alert... Super long post ahead.

Day 1
Highlights: Chinatown, Paddy's Market, Sydney Aquarium, QVB
Taxi Ride

We took the red-eye flight from Singapore to Sydney. We only intend to self-drive from Sydney to Blue Mountain for this trip. The main reason was that parking in Sydney was VERY expensive (Prepare to pay AUD 40-50 for overnight parking if your hotel does not provide one). Besides, navigating within the City was easy with leisurely walks, trains and cruises.

The taxi ride cost about AUD 40 from the airport. We left our luggage at our hotel, Meriton World Towers and walked to the nearby Chinatown to explore.
Chinatown Sydney

We had to fill our stomachs first; the first stop was East Ocean Restaurant for Dim Sum.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum was authentic as it should be. A little pricey as our six dish cost as much as AUD 60. Come to think about it, eating out in Sydney during our trip was significantly higher compared to Singapore. After lunch, we headed across the road to Market City.

Market City
We did a quick walkabout at Paddy's Markets; if you are keen on markets, it will be open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am-6pm.
Paddy's Market

Our hotel for this leg will be the Meriton Suites World Tower Sydney. We stayed in this hotel on our last trip, and were very impressed. The rooms were excellent, and the location was perfect. So it was a no-brainer to stay there again.

It was a pleasant surprise when we were 'upgraded' to the 3 bedrooms suite. If we were impressed with the 2 bedrooms, we were awestruck with the 3 bedrooms. 
Meriton Suites World Tower
The overall space was much larger, with an impressive living and dining area. The best part was the view from our 69th floor. We could see plenty of Sydney from where we were. 

All our bookings for the hotels from this trip are from

It was hard to pull us away from the view. However, since we had the whole afternoon to explore, we decided to head out once more to 'Sight See Sydney' (now say that 10 times at double speed)
3 Wise Monkeys Pub
As mentioned, you do not need to drive around Sydney. Just choose a hotel in a good location, and heading around Sydney will be a breeze.
Darling Harbour
The next stop was Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is home to 3 main attractions in Sydney housed side by side. You can visit the Wildlife Sydney, Madame Tussauds and Sealife Sydney Aquarium in one spot.

Having managed to snag Sydney attractions combo tickets, which covered the attractions above, was a great deal to begin the holiday.

You can visit 2-4 attractions in one go with one ticket.  We had the 3 attraction pass from Klook. At about SGD 52 (adult), it was a steal compared to the single-entry admission at AUD 42. The 3 attractions pass was also available at the counter for AUD 70. 
Sea Life Aquarium

Booking via Klook would save you a whopping 25 % discount from the counter and about 60% off compared to single-entry tickets. The other good thing was that we skipped the long ticket queues to access other attractions once we got the pass. Highly recommend IOHO.

Land of the past
The main attractions in Sealife are the Dugong, and the Shark encounters. Unfortunately, one of the Dugong Wuru passed away during our visit, and the exhibit was closed.

At least we had the sharks to make up for it.
Shark Tank
If you intend to visit the Sydney Tower, you can do so with the Sydney Attractions Combo Pass. We recommend getting the 4 passes if you have time for the entire course. 

Sydney Tower
After the visit, we walked through the streets of Sydney, passing the famous Queen Victoria Building (QVB).  QVB is a nineteenth-century building converted into a central shopping hub in Sydney. It is a beautiful structure. However, with constructions going around Sydney for the new Sydney Metro, the views were marred with road closures and fences due to the building.
It was back to Meriton Suites World Tower for a nightcap... did we mention the view?

View from Meriton Suites

Day 2
Circular Quay, Fort Denison, Wildlife Sydney, Madame Tussauds, Vivid Sydney

The next day was an early morning rise for us. We took the train from the nearby Museum Station (5 minute's walk from Meriton World Tower) to Circular Quay.
Picture perfect

On the agenda today is a visit to Fort Denison. Before that, since we had some spare time, we walked around the Rocks at Circular Quay.

Do you know that the Rocks were occupied by Aboriginals originally? With the arrival of the Europeans, it even housed a Gaol (prison) back in the 1800s.
Let's Cruise
Using Cook Cruise, we soon departed for Fort Dension. Fort Denison was once a tiny rocky island. In 1788, it became an isolated island for convicts. It was completed as a fortress in 1857 as a fort to protect Sydney Harbour from attack by foreign vessels. 
Fort Denison
A Martello tower was also built there, the only one in Australia. So by the time the Fort was completed, the threat to Sydney was over.

Nonetheless, the 1 o'clock cannon is still being fired to mark mid-day in Sydney.
Fort Denison
These days, the only fight witness was between The Wacky Duo
If you have the hop-on hop-off pass by Captain Klook, you can stop here to explore the grounds and see the small museum. It does not include a visit to the Martello Tower; you must book it online here.

The Martello Tower was a quick 30-minute tower up the tower. Up there, you would get a good view of Sydney. Personally, we think the Hop on Hop Off Pass is more worthwhile since you still get to 
explore the grounds of Fort Denison.

Other stops for the Hop on Hop Off Pass include Darling Harbour, ICC Sydney, Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Taronga Zoo, Manly, Watsons Bay, Fort Dension, Luna Park, Shark Island and Garden Island.

Bird over water
A visit to Fort Denison would be worthwhile if you are interested in exploring the heritage of Sydney and taking great photos of the Sydney Opera House AND Harbour Bridge in one shot.
Let's talk about the time when we were in Sydney.
Another good thing about Hop on and Hop off cruise is that you can take photos like the one below when passing under the Harbour bridge.
Harbour Bridge
With our Sydney Attractions Combo Tickets, we decided to visit Wildlife Sydney next.
Hello Wallaby
Having been to both the Taronga Zoo and the Wildlife Zoo in Sydney, choosing between them was tough.
Bite me
We decided to stick to Wildlife Sydney for this trip due to our limited time in Sydney. A visit to Tangora Zoo would require at least a day to fully explore the place. 

Wildlife Sydney would be great for those with limited time. Here, you would get to see the wildlife of Australia in one location. Koalas, Wallabies, Alligators and more are found here. Do not expect to see large animals due to their limited size, but it will be a good stop for those with a time constraint.


With slightly over an hour spent at Wildlife Sydney, we still had time and decided to explore Madame Tussauds next to it.

Madame Tussauds would be our favourite among the three attractions we visited.
We get to pose with local and foreign celebrities and meet some Superheros. So it was a stop well spent.

It was back to Circular Quay via train in the evening.

During June, Sydney glows in lights during Vivid Sydney. Since we were there during Vivid Sydney, we just had to make a visit.
Vivid Sydney

Seeing Sydney in a different light was an experience we could not miss.

Day 3
Highlights: Whale Watch, Australia Museum, St Mary Cathedral, Hard Rock Cafe

We were back at Pier 26 at Darling Harbour to catch our boat to Whale Watch. We took the Sydney Whale Watching Cruise for this trip.

The day started off foggy, making whale watching a challenge.

Unlike our whale watching in Perth, it took us quite a while to spot a humpback due to the weather.
We almost gave up until we spotted something along the that a whale?

The Whale Watch Cruise lived up to the promise of 100% sightings.

Happy that we caught our whale, we took a selfie on the way back to remember the occasion.

It was back to Circular Quay after a 3 hours whale watch adventure.

It was time for lunch as well. However, given how costly food was in Sydney, we did suss out alternatives that tasted equally good at Circular Quay.
Aussie Goodys
Next, we headed to the Australia Museum via Train. 

The oldest Museum in Australia housed quite a few interesting exhibits. We loved the interactive stations founds within the museum,

There was a new Mammoth Exhibit for us to explore
42000 Baby Mammoth
If you are there before July 22nd 2018, you can catch a real 42,000-year-old baby Mammoth on display.

See the life-size replicas. Feel free to touch them. The other impressive exhibits would be full-scale bone replicas of animals and dinosaurs within the main hall. The dinosaur area is currently under renovation, but it was still a wow at first sight.

Explore the nearby St Mary's Cathedral. 
St Mary Cathedral
The Gothic-style cathedral is a sight to behold. Facing Hype Park, it may not be the tallest or longest church in Australia, but it is the most famous.
Golden interior
It was time to head back to Darling Harbour via a taxi ride (AUD 10) for a meal at Hard Rock Cafe.

Having pre-booked our meals at a discount from Klook, we would indulge in a delectable dinner from the Platinum Rock Menu and Children Menu. For the Platinum Rock Menu, you would have a choice of soft drink, juice, beer or wine, a starter option of Hard Rock Nachos or Rockin' Wings, Main Dish options of Hickory Two Way Combo, Grilled Tasmanian Salmon, Scotch Filet, Veggie Burger or Twisted Mach and Cheese and a Hot Fudge Brownie Dessert for only SGD 55. The servings itself is enough to fill 2 people. 

It was a great deal at about 30% discount from the original price. 

After a heartier meal, we had a workout at the nearby Children's Playground.

Since the night was still young, we quickly stopped at Timezone on George Street, a mere 5 minutes walk from our hotel.

Day 4
Highlights:  Road Trip to Blue Mountain, Scenic World

Source: Google Map

Meriton World Towers to Scenic World
Distance: 121 Km
Time to Destination: 1 H 41 min

It was an early sunrise for us. Today marked the start of our official Road Trip. We picked up our ride from Budget on Pitt Street in the same building as our hotel. 

Tips for Driving in Sydney
  • Get a comfortable ride; we think an SUV makes a good choice for road-trips
  • Get GPS for the car. There are spots in Australia where reception is almost nonexistent for the telco. The safest bet is to get GPS for the car
  • Get a car with an electronic tag for tolls- This is a must for fuss-free driving in Sydney, as highways usually come with tolls.
  • Drive within Speed Limits
  • Take extra caution when driving in Winter as nightfall can be as early as 5pm, and there are no streetlights as a guide, especially outside the City.

It was an easy 1 hour 40 mins drive from Meriton Suites World Tower. We decided not to make a pit stop as we needed to know how much time we would spend at Scenic World. However, in hindsight, a stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park would make sense.
The Three Sisters

If you are driving, parking at Scenic World is free.

Nonetheless, we took full advantage of the Blue Mountains Unlimited Discovery Pass we got from Klook. This pass gives us full-day access to skyways, railways and cableways. On our previous visit with the tour group, we only get to sit on the skyways. However, if you asked us, the Railway is the ride to seat as we decided to sit it not once but thrice during the visit.
At the end of the railway, you would get to get the Three Sisters in all her glory.

Since we were alone, we had plenty of time to explore the rainforest walkway.
Other rides we took included the cableway and the skyway.
If you have only time for one ride, the Skyway would be the one to go for. We think you should stay overnight in the Blue Mountains for a day or two so you can soak in the sights and sounds of Blue Mountain.

Get the Blue Mountains Unlimted Discovery Pass if you intend to spend more time there. The discounted tickets from Klook were worth it!

If you only want to take a day trip from Sydney on tour, Klook has a day tour that includes Blue Mountain and Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Lunch was at the nearby Katoomba Street; we had one of the most fragrant fried rice and pork at Unique Patisserie, an interesting bakery cum Malaysian Cuisine restaurant.

The night will start early in Winter. At Blue Mountain, night falls would be at around 4 pm. Before heading to our resort at Fairmont, we decided to stop at the nearby lookout... Sublime Point.
Sublime point
Sublime Point lives up to its name. Here, you would feel like you are on the world's edge. You would be greeted by an endless view that goes beyond the horizon. One world.

Sublime Point
Next, we head to Fairmont Resort. After searching all over for a room to fit the four of us, we found one at Fairmont Resort from The resort is set in a modern setting with a great view of the restaurant.

Fairmont Resort
The room is a decent size and can fit up to 4 adults. A rare find in Blue Mountain. Located in Leura, it was an easy 10-minute drive to Katoomba.
Fairmont Blue Mountains
It was a surprise when we discovered additional perks, such as the D=ducks we received as welcome gifts and a complimentary visit to Scenic World for weekdays!

One of the main reasons why we chose the resort was the large play area that houses a mini arcade and a playground.

With limited night activities in the Blue Mountains, this corner was great for entertaining us in the evenings.  Other facilities include 2 swimming pools ( one is heated), a fitness centre and tennis courts.

Like what you see?

Day 5
Highlight: Jenolan Caves

Source: Google Map
Fairmont Resort to Jenolan Caves
Distance: 79 Km (One Way) 158 Km (Total)
Time to Destination: 1 H 21 Min (On Way) 2 H 42 Min (Total)

The next morning, we had a complimentary breakfast with a view. 

Breakfast was a decent Western fare and was filling enough for us.

Today, we will take a road trip to Jenolan Caves, located about 1 hour and 20 minutes from our hotel.
Road Trip
As a tip, do get a GPS unit for the car. Reception in the mountains can be iffy for mobile, especially if they are on Optus Network. If you intend to get the wifi router from Singapore, some may not work at all (ours face an issue throughout the trip. The best way to combat this is to get a GPS unit for the car.

The drive down to Jenolan Caves was quite a ride. Most parts were rather smooth, save for the final 15-minute descent on a one-car lane meant for two cars to pass!

It is best to go early to avoid the tourist crowd and ensure that you have a smooth drive down the mountains. Do note that roads UP the mountains will be closed at a certain time of the day to ensure safety.

You would know you have arrived when you reach a passage through the cliffs that transport you to a shire-like building on the other side. Very Lord of the Ring...

The main reason to visit Jenolan Caves was to visit the caves.  Jenolan Caves forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and is known as the world's oldest and most dated open cave system, which is over 340 million years old!
Caves Highlights

There are quite a few caves to explore at Jenolan. The most popular cave is the Lucas Cave. For the adventurous, there are adventure caves to explore where you are fitted with overalls, helmets and headlights to explore the cave the old-school way through climbs and sandy crawls. For Braveheart, you can even consider the spooky legends, mysteries and ghost tour!

To take the night tour, you would have to book accommodations at the Blue Mountains, as driving up the mountains at night would be hazardous as there are no street lights.

With younger children, the more appropriate tour would be the Show Caves tour. We decided to start with the easiest Cave Tour- Imperial Cave which has an ancient river passage and interesting rock formations such as The Shawl and the mini City.

The tour itself lasted about 1 hour. We took the Cave Combo package that has both Lucas and Imperial Cave. Since we had some time, we decided to hike up the mountains to visit the Charlotte Arch.

View from the top

There are a few bushwalks you can explore while you are at Jenolan Caves. Opt for a riverwalk or head up the mountain to see the imposing Charlotte Arch.

After the hike. We had a quick meal at the restaurant.

The next cave we visited was Lucas Cave. Lucas Cave is the largest and most well-known cave in Jenolan.
Lucas Cave
There are 910 steps in Lucas Cave, with 252 stair steps into the Cathedral Chamber. Not an easy walk for little ones or those with mobility difficulties. Nonetheless, it was worth the walk, especially when the beautiful 54 meters of high Cathedral Chamber awaited. Photos do injustice to the beauty we witnessed.
Unsurprisingly, the boys got a little winded after the tour. The tour ended at about 3pm. We decided to head back immediately to avoid nightfall. 

If travelling to Jenolan Caves alone is too much of a drive, consider taking a tour from Klook that covers the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. It's a day trip, so you need not switch hotels in Sydney during the holidays.

Thankfully, we left the valley in time and had Fish and Chips in a cosy restaurant on Katoomba Street. If you are in the Blue Mountains in Winter, Katoomba Street will be your best bet to look for a place to eat.

Day 6
Highlights: Australia Reptile Park, Pelican Feeding at the Entrance

Source: Google Map
Fairmont Resort to Australian Reptile Park
Distance: 147 Km
Time to destination: 1 H 57 Min 

After 3 days of Super cool weather (5 degrees, anyone?) on the Blue Mountains, it is time to descend and head off to Port Stephens. We had a choice between Hunter Valley or Port Stephens for the trip. We decided to head to Port Stephens instead to experience Whale Watch and Dune rides.

Like any good road trip, making pit stops along the way is a must, especially if the journey is a whopping 3.5 hours long. Thankfully we found Australian Reptile Park. Since it was in between our routes, we decided to stop by to check it out.

The Australian Reptile Park is a smallish park that houses Australian animals. You would see Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dingo, Wombats, Tasmanian Devils and Alligators here. It is mainly a park to see animals native to Australia.

There was an interesting animal show to watch while you were there. The animal trainer will even let you pet the animals if you are good.
The Kangaroos roam freely around the park. You can purchase a feed for a token fee to feed them. 

Head indoors, and you will see more reptiles, spiders and amphibians.

If you want your children to stretch their legs after a long drive, the iguana-inspired playground would help. The entrance was AUD 99 ( as of June 2018) for a family of 4. It will make a good pit stop en route to Port Stephens.

We ended up spending more time than allocated for the park. As such, we decided to skip lunch by the beach at Terrigal and head straight to our next destination... The Entrance
Source: Google Map

Australian Reptile Park to The Entrance
Distance: 34 Km
Time to Destination: 37 Min 

Pelican Feeding
We must rush mainly because we do not want to miss the daily Pelican Feeding at the Entrance at 330pm.
Say ah.
Pelican feeding has been one of Central Coast's more popular tourist attractions. Initially started by Clifford Fish and Chips feeding scraps of food to the Pelicans, it had evolved to inform more local restaurants chipping in the Pelican's daily diet.  This has been a tradition at The Entrance for over 20 years!

The Entrance is now officially recognised as The Pelican Capital of Australia.

Other birds seem to be aware of the tradition, and we saw quite a few other species joining in the 'buffet' 

Soon it was time to head to our hotel - The Nelson Resort at Nelson Bay. As the night beckon, we decide to use the highway instead of the small roads as most smaller roads are not lit at night.
Source: Google Map
The Entrance to The Nelson Resort
Distance: 131 Km 
Time to Destination: 1 H 45 Min 

It was another 1 hour 45 minutes drive to Nelson Bay. By the time we reached it, it was nightfall and pouring. The weather forecast was expected to be bad tomorrow... our plans for whale watch and dunes may be affected.
The Nelson Resort

Our room for the night would be at The Nelson Resort. This resort is located near the Wharf. Shops, eateries and even Woolworth are located just around the corner, making it a good choice to stay in Port Stephens. We took the 2 bedrooms option; it comes with a dining table and a small kitchen.

Book here to stay at The Nelson Resort

Day 7
Highlights: Toboggan Hill Park, Salamander Super Strike

Alas, our worse fears came through. The closest we had come to seeing a whale was when we spotted this 'whale; en route to Salamander Town, where we had Mcdonald's breakfast.

As someone with experience setting itineraries for an overseas trips, we always have a Plan B. With light rains messing up our morning plans, we headed to Toboggan Hill Park instead.

Toboggan Hill Park is a fun, adventure-filled activity park famous for its toboggan track, mini-golf, giant maze, tractor rides and indoor rock climbing and skating. As the weather still held, we decided to start off with a game of mini-golf.

As the weather worsened, we headed indoors for ice skating instead.

The rest of the day remains gloomy with rain. Since the day was still young, we headed back to Salamander for a game of bowling.

Other rainy-day options include Fighter World. Since we were too tired after a day of sports, we decided to call it a day. It was unfortunate that we could not see the whales at Port Stephens. That may mean a possible return in the future...

The next time, we might consider a day trip instead. If you intend to visit Port Stephens but would like this to be planned out for you, consider a day trip from Klook.

Fighter World
Day 8
Highlights: McMahons Point, Luna Park

The Nelson Resort to McMahon's Point
Distance: 206 Km 
Time to Destination: 2 H 30Min 

We left Nelson's Bay's gloomy weather behind and returned to Sunny Sydney. 

Travel time was about 2.5 hours from Nelson. Before heading to our hotel, we quickly stopped at McMahons Point for a spectacular unblocked view of the Harbour Bridge.

Nest spot for a selfie with the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House here.
Our last hotel for this trip would be Meriton Suites Bondi Junction. We had a great deal on this from, as it was under renovation. Half price!

This time, we were located away from the City Center. The City is never far away as we could see the skyline from the comforts of our balcony.

A surprise awaited us as we discovered we were upgraded to the 3 bedrooms again! 

This time, the apartment was like a giant maze to us, with walkways that twist and turn to the rooms. It was an unconventional layout, but it works. 

Did we tell you that we love to stay in Meriton? Among all the apartments we have stayed in Australia to date, the Meriton range has always been the one that stood out for us ( No, they did not pay us to say that. ) We simply love the modern decor, the high-rise floors, the central location and THE BED. It was the most comfortable bed we slept in for a while.

Location-wise, Meriton Suites Bondi Junction is located just next to Westfield Bondi Junction Shopping Center. If you love shopping, you would love the location.

As the sunset, we got ready to head out to our next destination... Luna Park!
As it was Vivid Sydney, Luna Park was opened in the evening for the event. The best part was that the family pass saved us about 50% off the regular price.

Luna Park in the evening had its old-school charm. The lights and the rides brought us back to the carnival of yesteryears. Our favourite parts of the park will be Coney Island and Bumper cars. Not all rides are open at night, but we had our share of fun.

If rides are not your thing, you should have a good at their carnival games. 

You need the unlimited pass to sit on the rides. The exception was the Ferries wheel that you could seat for AUD 10 per person. The view from the top was simply amazing, especially at night.
View from the Ferris Wheel
After 4 hours of nonstop fun, it was time to call it a night. After the disappointment of Port Stephens, this more than made up for it.
Luna Park Sydney

Day 9
Highlights: Bondi Beach, Archie Brothers Cirque Electric
Bondi Beach
Since we still had the car, we decided to explore Bondi Beach.

One of the attractions of Bondi Beach is the Bondi Icebergs. There is a swimming pool located right next to the beach. It is open to the public, but since swimming in the winter was chilling, we decided to just look and see.
Bondi Iceberg
An all-weather activity would be the Cliff walks at Bondi. Take a coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. Do be warned, the whole route would be about 6 km long!

Cliff Walk Bondi
Instead of a long walk, we decided to head out to explore another option. Since it was Monday, a few attractions (such as mini-golf) were closed. In the end, we decided on Archie Circus Cirque Electriq for the remainder of the day.
Archie Brothers

The Cirque is an arcade game centre with extra attractions such as Bowling, Laser Tag, Bumper cars and more. During the day, it is open to children. In the evening, from 8pm, it transferred to a bar/amusement centre meant for adults only.

We ended up being there for the whole afternoon.

From Bumper cars to bowling, it was fun to spend time as a family.

There was not much crowd during our visit as it was a weekday afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves for the day. The total cost for fun... AUD 100. 

Well, spend!

Soon night beckoned and we headed back to the hotel to see some fireworks from our balcony.

 Day 10 
Heading Home

Bondi Junction to Westfield Gardens
Distance: 11 Km 
Time to Destination: 17 Min 

The last day of our Sydney Road Trip. It was time to head back home. The drive to the airport was an easy 20 Mins drive. We did make a pit stop at Eastgardens Mall, which is about 10 minutes away from the airport, to do some last-minute shopping before heading to the airport. If you are looking for Kmart, Target or Myer, this would make a great stop to shop.

If you rent a car, there is a drop-off point at the International Airport.

1) Follow the Sign to International Airport
2) Follow the Rental Car Return Sign
3) Park at the car rental designated carpark
4) If someone is attending the booth, you can return your keys there, else head to the arrival


It was an enjoyable holiday with the company of loved ones. Hopefully, you will have picked up a tip or two from this itinerary if you are planning on a self-drive trip in Sydney. In total, we drove almost 1000 km within a week. In comparison, Singapore is about 50km from East to West. That means we would have driven the equivalent of 50 times around Singapore from end to end... Mind-Boggling.

If you are heading to Sydney, we strongly suggest booking the activities tickets before you go. With the help of Klook, we managed to get good deals for our travel needs.

Deals featured in this post

Sydney Attractions Combo Pass 
Whale Watch Sydney
Hard Rock Cafe Meal 
Captain Cook Hop-On and Hop-off Pass 
Blue Mountains unlimited discovery pass
Blue Mountains Full Day Tour

The post contains affiliate links. If you made a purchase through the links, you wouldn't pay a penny more, but we will get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Do support us if you like this review. This review was done mostly at our own expense, with selected activities sponsored by Klook.

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