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Club Med Cherating Review : A-Z Guide + Free Holiday Giveaway!

Club Med Cherating - the ultimate resort retreat.

We are no strangers to Club Med lifestyle, having been to Club Med Bintan. We love the Club Med philosophy of just bringing your bags and everything is taken care of. Airport Transfers, activities, meals and entertainment .... everything is a plan for in this all-inclusive holiday. It is like having a holiday from a holiday!

For the first time Club Med holidaymakers or even season Club Med fans... here is an A to Z guide to what you can expect during your stay in Club Med Cherating.


There are 2 options for you to consider if you are travelling from Singapore. You could drive about 6.5 hours to Club Med or choose to take a 35 minutes flight there via Scoot or Firefly. There will be a transfer of about 45 minutes from Kuantan airport that you can arrange with Club Med upon booking.
Firefly flies daily and Scoot on every alternate day.

Scoot to Club Med Cherating

Booking and transfers from Club Med (additional cost) can be done via this link
Entrance Club Med Cherating
Upon arrival, you will be served with an ice-cool refreshing drink and wet towels.

Ice cool drinks
You will be given a coloured tag to wear through your stay at Club Med. The coloured tag will determine if you are able to take part in selected activities.

Take Aim 
 A Club Med favourite activity, archery is a must-do activity when you are in Club Med.

Join in the archery according to time slots. For kids only time, they would have to join the Miniclub or Club Med Passworld. There are also slots for the family so take that option if you would like to take part as a family. Archery is for ages 6 and above only.
Archery @ Club Med

Beach facing Chalet
There are 2 beaches on Club Med. The beach facing the Chalets does not have any water activities. The beach is private and accessible via the resort. From the look of the waves, it is not the spot to swim in.

Instead, head to Pantai beach ( via a 'train' or walk) for your water sports activities.
Life's a Beach
Here you could rent a kayak or go on a sailboat.
Kayaking at Club Med Cherating
Other activities include volleyball and beach football.
The minimum age for kayaking- 6 years old
The minimum age for Sailing - 8 years old

There is no lifeguard and it is mandatory to wear a life jacket and be able to swim (especially for sailing)
Sailing @ Club Med Cherating

Club Med Cherating
Entrance to Club Med Cherating

Do you know that Club Med Cherating is the FIRST Club Med resort in Asia?

Nestled in 200 acres of lush parkland with a 4km of soft white sand on your doorsteps and secondary forest as your backyard, Club Med Cherating is the perfect place for a lazy holiday with a good mix of water sports, land activities and entertainment to keep you engaged during the stay.

Club Med is the worldwide leader in upscale Premium All-Inclusive holidays. Guests have the freedom to enjoy the wide variety of services and activities that our Resorts offer, be it on their own or with others. The extraordinary Club Med experience includes accommodation with refined comfort, all gourmet meals, all-day bar and snacking, ski passes and snow sports with lessons, night entertainment and parties, as well as children’s clubs for all ages. Guests get to enjoy true quality time with their loved ones, knowing that everything is safe and taken care of. 

With around 70 resorts located all over the world, 24 being ski resorts, vacationers can look forward to spending a truly unforgettable holiday at exotic locations! 

Daily activities
Add caption
One thing about Club Med is that you do not need to worry about what to do. Activities are planned for you throughout the day.

Engage in Water activities such as sports or exercise, join a sporting challenge or choose to head to the forest for a nature walk.
Head to the Forest for Nature Walk
On top of that, you can opt for archery, water sports, trapeze, tree-top climbing, rock climbing during the stay.
Walkthrough secondary forest
There are plenty of things to do at Club Med. In the evening, unwind with daily entertainment at the main Bar.
With so many activities you would end up hardly spending anything in the room except to sleep in the evening.
Night Supper


If you are staying in the resort for long and do yearn for a little walkabout outside the resort, you can consider an excursion out of the resort. Booking is done at the Excursion counter located near the Main Bar (Orchid Bar)

There are Elephant sanctuary tour, Turtle Encounter, Fireflies tour, Market Tours and more. If you must choose one, we recommend the Hafiz Friendly Fireflies Watch. This is one magical encounter where you would cruise on a sampan along a river. Along the way, Hafiz will have a way to have the fireflies fly into your directions. If you are lucky, one may even land on your hand. The whole encounter was surreal and highly recommended.

Hafiz Fireflies tour

Family Time

With minimal distractions and travelling, Club Med is the ideal place for family time. You can opt to put the children at the Kids Club, or if you prefer, have them join you in the activities together and bond as a family.

You will never get hungry in Club Med Cherating.

With an all-inclusive package, it would mean that your meals are covered. Food is available from 715 am to 11 pm on a daily basis at three different restaurants.

You have a wide selection of choices ranging from Western to Eastern fare.

The only exceptions are lobsters and private dining which are available at additional cost.

For those travelling with kids, Club Med Cherating has you covered with a dedicated corner especially for kids. Pizzas, nuggets, burgers are available during the meals.

GO ( Gentil Organisateur)
GO Club Med Cherating
The staff at Club Med are known as Gentil Oranisateur (GO).

At Club Med Cherating, the staff here take on multiple roles. From the daily work positions, they transform themselves into performers and entertainers in the evening.

Hosting dinner, teaching yoga, performing dance routines and circus acts are but some of the few 'extra' activities the GO does at Club Med.  They are the ambassadors of the Club Med spirit and it is through them that Club Med comes alive.
Club Med Cherating Village Head

A special mention to the Village Head for being a great host during our stay. We had seen him host parties, perform dances and even jump into the swimming pool on demand. He is witty and spontaneous, bring joy to the guests at Club Med Cherating.

GM ( Gentils Membres)
Gentils Membres or GM were treated with much attention during our stay. We were greeted warmly and even have spontaneous games with the GO.

Did we have fun.... you bet!
Table Tennis time

Houses on Stilts

Fancy staying in a resort that is built on stilts.  Club Med Cherating is created to resemble a typical Malay Village. You can feel the heritage vibes here in Asia's first Club Med.

(All) Inclusive

What is included in Club Med Cherating
1) Full Board Gourmet Cuisine in 3 different restaurants
2) Bar and Snacks throughout the day
3) Sports and Activities
4) Nigh time Entertainment
5) Children's Club for 4-17 years old

Just pack your bags and you are good to go. No Hassle - All fun!

ump for joy

Village Head
The best way to enjoy Club Med is to live the moment.
Say no to fix itinerary and do whatever fancy you. Do not need to plan ahead and just enjoy the experience.

As someone who worries and plans for contingency during a holiday, this is a Godsend. I could jump for joy here!

Kids Club

Club Med Cherating has 4 age-specific club for kids to join

Baby Club Med (4 to 12 months) - Additional Cost
Puppet shows to early learning activities and games are included in Baby Club Med.
Book early due to limited spaces. Nappies and baby milk are not provided.
Kids Club

Petit Club Med (2-3 years)- Additional Cost
Take part in activities such as arts and craft, puppet shows, jungle walks, water park activity, crab hunting and more.
Outdoor playground

Mini Kids (4-10 years) Complimentary
Min Club
Club Med signature club that is filled with endless activities. Outdoor activities include sailing, kayaking, archery, trapeze and more. The kids would also get to perform their own show in the evening.

Password (11 to 17 years) - Complimentary

Teens are well taken care of with their own room at passworld. They will be divided into 2 age groups ( 11-13 and 14 to 17). Activities include treetop adventures, nature explorations and the opportunity to meet new friends all over the world.

La Boutique
Be part of the Club Med Culture and don their 45 and 88 branded shirts. 45 stands for Club Med 45th year anniversary while 88 is branded base on Chinese belief for luck!

Make your own activity

Need more activities. Club Med Cherating has a lot more to offer.

Head to the sports centre for a game of tennis, basketball, badminton, futsal or volleyball. Free play all day.

There are also table tennis and a gym near the Theatre for you to work out.

If you prefer something more relaxing, join in the Art and Craft session and make a DIY Batik print (extra charges)
Batik Classes

Otherwise, seat by the lounge and have a game at the pool table. There is always something you could do at Club Med Cherating
Pool @ Club Med

Night Time Entertainment
Night Time Entertainment
If you have been to any Club Med, you would have known their night time entertainment is among the best in any resorts. At Club Med Cherating, the night time entertainment takes place in the Main Tent.

Every night, there will be a different entertainment routine performed by the talented GO. Expect to see comedy skits, circus acts, hilarious dance routines and more

Just check out the circus experience we had for one evening. Simply stunning.

Circus @ Club Med

Bravo to the GOs for providing the entertainment during our stay .

Open Bars

Open Bar @ Club Med Cherating

Drinks are Free... all night and all day long.

Sodas, fruit juice, hot drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails are available upon demand .

Kids have their own corner to order drinks too.

Note : There are extra charges for selected drinks .
With free flow on the tap, it does make the all-inclusive package from Club Med look appealing!

There are 3 bars at Club Med Cherating...

They are Orchid (main bar), Bayou Bar ( Beach Bar) and Zen Pool Bar. Opening hours are from 9am to 12 pm
Bayou Bar @ Pantai Beach


Bring your camera or let the club photographer take memories of you

Quick Getaway
A 35 minutes plane ride and a 45 minutes transfer will bring you to paradise from Singapore. That is less than 2 hours of travel time!

Alternatively, you can take the leisure route with a 6.5 hours drive from Singapore. For us, we prefer the former as it cost less than $150 per pax to book the flight. More time for fun!

Mutiara Restaurant

No room service in Club Med, but with 3 restaurants that open from 715 am to 11pm, you would be filled throughout the day.

The main restaurant would be the Mutiara Restaurant. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner here.

Choose your pick from the selections from different countries around the world.

If you feel hungry in between meals, head to the Noodle Bar for a quick bowl of noodles.
Noodle Bar
If you head out to Pantai Beach, you can have your lunch there at Rembulan Restaurant. Reservations are needed for dinner as they serve fine dining courses in the evening. You can opt to top up extra for a good meal of Lobsters too.
Rembulan restaurant

Rock Climbing

If you are at Club Med Cherating, a real treat awaits for rock climbing enthusiasts.

You will be climbing up a real rock cliff instead of the artificial wall at the beach!

Do remember to bring shoes and proper attire if you would like to experience this activity.

Source: ClubMed Singapore


There are 2 pools at Club Med Cherating.

The main pool is divided into 2 segments with different depths. The first segment has a depth of 0.7m and the other pool has a segment of 1.4m. Perfect to segregate adults and children.
Lifeguard on Duties

Lifeguards will be on duty at certain time of the day. Towels can be collected at the selected time from the counter as well.

Zen Pool

For adults who would like to have a little space to call their own, head to the Zen Pool located at Pantai Beach for a retreat.
Zen Pol @ Pantai Beach

Sports Events

There are daily sports events ranging from Power Walk to Zumba.

On selected days, there are sports tournaments where participants get a chance to win a special club med medal.
Winner - Golf Chipping

We participated in the Golf Chipping and Table Tennis tournaments and ended up with medals to take home.
Win a medal

Add caption

Most sports activities require you to wear shoes. So, do bring a pair along.

Trapeze @ Club Med

Another Club Med signature. You have to try the Trapeze when you are in Club Med. For kids, they could try it if they join the Mini Club event.

Catch me!
Train to Pantai Beach

As mention earlier, there is another beach at Club Med Cherating. It is the Pantai Beach that is accessible by the Club Med Train that runs every 30 minutes. You could walk to the beach via the secondary forest and the walk could take about 20-30 minutes.

Activities at Pantai Beach includes Water Sports such as sailing and kayaking. The Rock Climbing is within walking distance as well.
Zen Pool
There is a Zen Pool for adults as well as the Rembulan Resturant in that area.
The View

Tree Top Challenge
Tree Top Challenge
If you are game for more adventure, head into the forest for a treetop challenge. Do remember to wear shoes and proper attire for this.

Turtle Museum

The Turtle Museum visit is included in the Club Med activities. There is no extra charge for this. There you get to see some sea turtles and learn about the turtles of Cherating. The Turtle Museum is about 15 minutes' walk from the Main bar and is located just outside Club Med.

Sea Turtle

Utopia - Spa
Club Med Spa
After a day of activities, you can unwind at the Club Med Spa. There are special packages for couples, family and even kids (extra cost). Do check it out when you are there. Basic massage techniques are also taught, and these activities are complimentary.

For a more luxurious setting, opt for a massage by the beach. It will be truly relaxing.


Pick your Instagram spot
The resort

There are plenty of spots where you can take that perfect shot.


Spot the residents of Club Med Cherating.
Monkies @ Club Med Cherating
Monkeys, Squirrels and even the a dinosaur like Monitor Lizard can be spotted throughout the resort

It would be quite easy to spot them. The monkys are usually out in the evening on the roof tops while the monitor lizard can be found roaming around the resort.

Thankfully no tiger saves for the one below was spotted.
Tiger @ Club Med


Club Med App
Wifi is included in the all-inclusive package and the signal is pretty decent. You can use it to download the Club Med app. Daily activities are listed on the app and you can use it to play your day.

Club Med App: IOS & Google Playstore Links

Night Party
Party Party Party

There is never a dull moment in Club Med. Activities are planned from morning all the way to late nights. See Club Med turn into a giant club in the evening.


After a long day of fun, it is time to retreat to the bedroom.

Club Med Cherating has 2 kinds of bedroom. There is the Club Room and the Suite. The Club Room is smaller, but you can select interconnecting rooms if you are travelling with kids.

The suite boosts an additional terrace and separate living space. It will make a great accommodation for couples.

Club Med Suite

Rooms are simply decorated and exudes old school charm with its wooden settings. Amenities such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush and towels are provided.

That is a wrap of Club Med Cherating A-Z guide!

Before we go, we have a MEGA giveaway for the readers.

Thanks to Club Med, we will be selecting one family - 2 adults and 2 children(age 4 to 11) for a 4D3N stay in Club Med Cherating worth up to a whopping $2562!

This is what you can get for this giveaway
Inclusions are:
  • Return airport transfers
  • Accommodation in a Deluxe connecting room 
  • Daily buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with unlimited servings of wine, beer and soft drinks during lunch and dinner 
  • Bar and snacking at selected timings
  • Sports activities
  • Kids Club from 4 years onwards
  • Nightly entertainment 
  • Package meant to be strictly use for one family  2 adults and 2 kids (age 4-11)
  • Does NOT include Plane tickets to Kuantan

T & C for the Giveaway (Please Read)
  • Travel by April 2019no further extension applies. 
  • Voucher is not valid during high occupancy dates as per Club Med’s calendar. ( March, June , Sep , Dec Holidays - Do Check with Club Med on vacancies)
  • Voucher excludes flights, petite club and spa/boutique purchases. 
  • Club Med only accepts bookings made 30 days before departure. 
  • Room confirmation is subject to availability at Club Med’s discretion. 
  • The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, not for sale, cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used with other promotions or discounts. 
  • Prize valid for 2 adults and 2 children (age 4-11) ONLY. Any deviation may result in additional charges not covered by the voucher.
  • This voucher and the winner’s identification must be presented for verification when claiming your prize. Winner to provide ID number and name.
  • Amendment or cancellation is subject to Club Med's standard terms and conditions.

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TWD was invited to Club Med Cherating for the purpose of review. All opinions are of our own.


  1. Always excited to see your post here and never forget to participate all giveaways (although haven't win anyy one yet). This is one of the best giveaways, well done.

  2. Ideas for my getaway with family! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the great review!Would definitely love to enjoy holiday there for family bonding!

  4. Hi there, May I get your vote on which Club Med would you recommend since you have been to both Bintan and Cherating? It will be my first Club Med experience with my family (3 kiddos + 2 aged moms). Intending to go in Dec.

    1. First Club med experience without any hassle will be Bintan. Just hope on the ferry and you are good to go. For Cherating, it's bigger and there are also some sightseeing tour ( fireflies tour). However you probably need to fly there


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