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Fort Denison Sydney Tour and Review

Fort Denison

Want to see how Sydney Harbour was defended?

As part of our self-drive Holiday in Sydney, we decided to visit For Denison. Fort Denison can be seen on cruises around Sydney. We had passed by it on our previous trips and often wonder why this Fort is standing in the middle of the harbour.

For our recent self drive trip to Sydney, it was decided that we should try to explore the Fort. From research, there are plenty of ways to explore Fort Denison.

Sydney Hop on and Hop Off Cruise by Captain Cook
A 2-day pass that stops at 10 stops including Darling Harbour, Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Luna Park, Fort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Garden Island, Shark Island, Watson Bay, Many Wharf, ICC Darling Harbour.

The best way to see Sydney by Sea. Adult price at AUD 49

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A Return Ferry by Captain Cook
If you do not intend to explore greater Sydney by sea, the cheapest way is to get a Fort Dension Return ticket. Adult price at AUD 20

Fort Denison heritage tour
The Fort Denison heritage tour is the only way if you intend to head up to the Martello Tower. Transfers are included in the package. Adult price AUD 37.5

Since we were keen to see what was inside the Martello Tower, we decided to take the heritage tour for this trip. The Martello Tower is Australia only Martello Tower and the last built in the British Empire. With such a heritage, it would be worth exploring.
Fort Denison Museum
The tour started with a video on the history of Fort Denison and a tour around the museum. The museum itself is free to explore if you have the transfers from Captain Cook.

For history buffs, Fort Dension started off as a rock outcrop that rose 15m above water and was known as Mat-te-wan-ye. At some point in history, it was also a prison. There was also a prisoner hung there for 4 years after being executed till his corpse turns to a skeleton.

Spooky start to the tour.

Fort Dension was built as a result of 2 American warships entering Sydney Harbour in 1839. It spooked the city so much that it was suggested a Fort be built to protect the harbour.
Protecting the City
The irony was that by the time the Fort was built, it was no longer needed as war neutralised. The Fort was also obsolete as technology progress. Cannons do hold really hold a candle next to long-range missiles.
Martello Tower
The only fight in Martello Towers is probably between the tourists especially a pair of Wacky brothers.

Even though the Fort was never used, it would still be interesting to explore the Martello Tour.
I was here
The interiors of the Martello felt smaller from the inside than out. It was a tight squeeze in the rooms itself.
We were led to the armoury on the basement to explore.

Winding Steps

Next, we headed up the winding steps to upstairs where the cannons are. Seeing how small the winding steps are and how big the cannons, you would have wonder how the big guns made the way up there. 
The fact was that the canons were lifted to its position before the Tower was completed. Once in place, the roof was built.
Top of the Fort
When you reach the top of the Fort, you get to have a 360-degree view of Sydney Harbour.
Fort Denison
The tour lasted only 30 minutes and we were soon back to the grounds of the Fort. If you are taking the tour, we recommend you time your tour to be around 1 pm. There you could see and hear the cannon being fired. 

Protecting the harbour
Another interesting thing about Fort Denison would be the photos you can take from there.
With the city, Opera House and Harbour Bridge as your background, it will be an Instagrammer's dream
Opera House
For bird watchers, you might be interested to know that over 100 birds had made Fort Denison home.
Local Residents
We reckon an hour (a little more if you take the tour) would suffice to explore Fort Denison. The best value for money would be to take the Captain's Cook Hop on and Hop-off tour. With that, you could not only explore Fort Dension but also Greater Sydney as well.

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Captain Cook Hop On Hop Off

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