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Rainforest Lumina @ Singapore Zoo : Full Review + Guide

Rainforest Lumina

Let's got to the zoo...

The initial reactions from the boys were a big positive. It had been quite a while since we had gone to the zoo... that was until they realised that they are not going to see any animals at the zoo.

Before The Wacky Duo could mutter a protest, it was swiftly dealt with when they were ushered into the car and go to the zoo for Rainforest Lumina.

Rainforest Lumina

Rainforest Lumina is the Singapore Zoo's latest night walk attraction. As part of the 45th anniversary of Singapore's zoo, this new attraction promises you to see the zoo in a different light. All the animals will be sleeping and it will be taken over by a new Virtual Creature Crew. Rainforest Lumina is a collaboration with Moment Factory who launched a similar Foresta Lumina in Coaticook, Quebec.

The Singapore edition is a one km track with a total of 12 installations to explore along the track. Here are some of the attractions you would see.

The Arch

Entrance to Rainforest Lumina is done via a fixed time on your ticket. Crowd control was in place before the Arch to prevent overcrowding.  Head under the arch to start your journey.


Upon entering, you will be greeted by lighted treetops  that lined the wooden path

Garden of Virtues
Garden of Virtues
Next stop is the Garden of Virtues. Here you will be given an introduction to the creature crew - characters that are within the Rainforest Lumina. Before you make your way further, do take a wristband of your choice. This wristband will be needed for one of the attractions along the way.

Luminous Pathway

The next stretch is the Luminous Pathway where the jungle is transformed to a sci-fiction set with thousands of lasers illuminating the way. If you are heading to Rainforest Lumina, it is best to have a decent DSLR and a tripod with you. Taking good photos with the phone might be challenging under these lights.

Sing Like an Animal

The first interactive station would be at the White Tiger Enclosure. Instead of white tigers, you can make the Virtual Animals come alive with your singing.

Call of the Wild

This was probably the most impressive exhibit. The Zoo's Great Rift Valley becomes a backdrop for a project mapping show. It felt almost like the real deal here.

Light Huts

Walked across the waterfall and you will reach the light huts. The red-lit huts provided an interesting play on shadows and lights.
Shimmering Islands

We all agreed that blue is a very calming colour. A walk through the Shimmering Island coated in blue confirmed the notion.
Shimmering Flowers
Play Like an Animal
Step on me
The boys probably had the most fun here. They get to jump on the lighted leaves on the floor and a corresponding Creature Crew would do the same on the backdrop.


The only spot where you can actually spot life animals. Catch a glimpse of the pelicans in this misty pathway.

Wall of Fame
Remember the wristband at the beginning. Scan them at the Wall of Fame, take a picture and you could download it to your phone with the QR Code on the bracelet. You can take the wristband back for souvenir too.

Lantern Passage

The journey ended with a rather 'normal ' path with lanterns

Worth a visit?
The whole outing took about 1 hour to complete. You can opt to visit it as a standalone or even as an extension of your zoo day trip.

If you want to experience the zoo in a different light, the Rainforest Lumina would- fit the bill. If you are there looking for Instagram shots, it may be a lot more challenging than it looked due to the various lighting effects. For the kids, there will be at least 2 interactive stations that would keep them entertained along the way.

Need more information, check out our video here.

Rainforest Lumina Details
The Rainforest Lumina runs from now till end 2018.
Admission is every 30 minutes beginning from 730pm to 12am

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