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Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival with Conrad Mooncake

Mid Autumn Festival falls on 24 September 2018

Mid- Autumn Festival that is celebrated by Chines. There are different interpretations of the festival by Chinese all over the world. The thing that most agreed upon is the carrying of lanterns and eating of Mooncakes. This year Mid- Autumn Festival will be held on 24 September.

It is never too early to get your mooncakes especially the Snow Skin Mooncakes. They can be kept in the fridge between 5-6 degree for up to 20 days. If you store them in the freezer, you could store it for weeks. Note that you do need to consume them within 2 hours if they are thaw from the freezer.
Snowskin Mooncakes from Conrad
For this reason, we love to get our hands on Snowskin Mooncakes early. This year, we have a special treat from Conrad.  They are introducing the new Durian Snowskin mooncake that is filled with lush durian pulp. A must try for every Durian lover.

In addition, there are also four mini snowskin flavours you could whet your appetite with. Inspired by the hotel's signature cake of almond sponge and dark chocolate mousse, there is the Royal Chocolate Hazelnut Snowskin. Other flavours include traditional Ondeh Ondeh Snowskin filled with Gula Melaka and fine coconut bits, refreshing Passion Fruit Snowskin as well as the sweet Green Tea Snowskin. Among the 4 flavours we tried, the Ondeh Ondeh Snowskin stands out for its exquisite taste.

The Mooncake boxes are available in a choice of two colours - Champagne Cream and Crimson Red. We think red makes a perfect gift for friends and family.

The mini snow skin mooncakes are available at $76 per box of 8. Book from Aug 6- Aug 31st and get a 20% discount for early birds (minimum 2 boxes). Get it at Millenia Walk Mooncake booth or book it online here.
Conrad Mini Snowskin

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TWD was providewd a box of mini mooncakes for this review.

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