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Birthday Party @ Timezone Vivocity Review

Hands up... Who wants a birthday party at Timezone?

If you are planning a party for your children and you want them to have a party to remember, head for a birthday party at Timezone Vivocity... trust us, your kids and friends will thank you for it!

The younger of The Wacky Duo celebrated his 8th birthday recently at Timezone @ Vivocity. Being a fan of arcades (check out his Instagram at TheAracadeKiz), he was ecstatic about celebrating his birthday there. At the end of it, he exclaimed that it was the best party ever ... and here are the reasons why!

3 hours exclusive use of Party Room
The birthday party package comes with free use of the party room for 3 hours. This meant that parents can drop off the children at the party and head for shopping while TZ host will keep the kids entertained.
Time to Party @ Vivocity
The party room can easily fit up to 30 pax. The basic party package is for 10 pax while additional pax will be extra. If adults are not playing, they are free to use the room too.

The room came with a refrigerator and microwave oven. This was perfect for storing drinks and reheating food it necessary.
Microwave and Mini Fridge provided
We opted for lunch at the party room during the event. You could add food options in the party package or you could choose to bring your own.

3 Hours of Free Play

Each child will be issued a Timezone Card. The Timezone card allows up to 3 hours of play in Timezone Vivocity. This arrangement is perfect for the younger ones as they get to choose the games they want to play. Best of all, they get to enjoy it with the company of friends and family. The only thing is that you would probably have a difficult time locating them once they are out of the party room having fun.

The game plays per card will be dependent on the card reader itself. Each card reader will have a different colour assign to it.

The party package consists of the following

  • Unlimited Yellow Card Reader Games (3 Hours)
  • 5 Attractions Games
  • 32 Red / Green Card Reader.

Different colours card readers

Yellow Card Reader -  3 hours of unlimited play

The card includes a 3 hours unlimited play for yellow card readers. Yellow card readers consist of car stimulation, motorcycle rides and other video games. Since this is unlimited, we recommend saving this for the last and play the other games included in the card.

Rainbow Coloured Reader - 5 Attraction games

The Rainbow Coloured Games are considered premium games. Usually, the queues for these games are long, especially on weekends and holidays. These should be the first games you start with.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars
One of the more popular Rainbow Coloured Games was the Spin Zone Bumper Cars. It should be the first on the list as it warrants a repeated play. Once is never enough on it!

Another popular game is Virtual Rabbids.
Virtual Rabbids
It is a VR ride that brings you through a roller coaster experience like no other. The players put on a pair of goggles for the ride while spectators can view the action on the screen above. Guaranteed a bundle of laughs especially from the player's reactions to the rides.

Virtual Rabbids @ Timezone

Another virtual ride to experience would be the Mini Rider 2. Step inside this 4 D ride for the ride of your life!
Mini Rider 2

You do not need to head to the bowling alley when you have the Route 66 Monster Mini Bowling at Timezone @ Vivocity.  If your child is a bowling fanatic, you could also host a bowling competition during the birthday party.

Any 32 Games (Red / Green Coloured Readers)

The birthday Timezone card also came with 32 games for red /greed coloured readers. This included ticketed games as well as attractions games.

Ticketed Games @ Timezone
The ticketed games were a hit among the kids. They went off in groups to try to beat the odds and return with the highest number of tickets.

You could also use the card to play claw catcher games or the popular Big Sweet Land machines to catch a plush toy.

At the end of the day, each child walked away with a bucketful of tickets.
Tickets @ Timezone Vivocity
Party Games
Party Room
After an hour of fun, the children are gathered back to the Party Room.
Party Host @ TimeZone
The Birthday Package included a Party Host. The Party Host was there to host some party games plan out for the children. Our hats off to the Party Host. It was not easy to gain the attention of 15 kids would are eager to go out and continue their arcade games, but he did a good job of catching their attention during the party.

Games included balloon games and musical chairs
Needless to say, the children had a blast playing the games.

The winners of the games get to take home special prizes from Timezone too!

Having a party room was also great as you could bring your own birthday cake for the traditional Happy Birthday song.
Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are also provided for the number of children booked. There is no need to prepare your own as everything is covered by Timezone Birthday Package.

Prize Exchange
A bucket Full of Tickets
Remember the bucket of tickets won by the children?
Prize zone
Before heading home, head to the prize redemption zone to choose a prize. The guests would love the additional goodies that they can change with the tickets. If they are skilful enough, they might even walk away with Monopoly or Scrabble sets!

Present for the birthday kid
The birthday package also included a birthday present for the birthday kid. They get to choose a gift from a selected range at the prize redemption centre.

Value for Money

The birthday party package starts at $640 for 10 pax. Additional card per pax will cost $64 *
Each card has a value of over $100 in terms of gameplay. In addition, you have free use of the party room for 3 hours (available for booking at $600 per hour) and a party host to facilitate party games. With all these added in, having a birthday party at Timezone would be an awesome value for money option.

Want to add more, you could also more activities (such as magic show and face painting) and food catering to the mix. We reckon with the time spent playing games, it may not be necessary to add the activities to it as 3 hours is too short to pack everything in.

If you are expecting a party with a fixed format, this is not the party to be in. If you want your child to have free rein and enjoy themselves to the max for the day. The Time zone birthday package would be the one to get. We think this party is PERFECT for primary school going kids.

* price as of Aug 2018

Currently, the birthday party package is only available at the Flagship Store in Vivocity. Billed as the largest arcade amusement centre in Singapore, you would be able to find all genres of games that will fit all ages.

Want to see more? Check out our video here.

Want to book a party?
Head to Timezone Singapore to find out more.

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