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SoftRock Living Dionysus Beanbag Review - The Daddy Beanbag

Soft Rock Living - Dionysus
The Daddy Beanbag

Source: Mrphy

Ever since the boys had their own bean bags from Doob, the oldest boy in the house ( aka DAD) wanted to have one for himself. Having shopped at Mrphy online store for the doob, we spotted the perfect range of Bean Bags for the cool Daddies - SoftRock Living Bean Bags

SoftRock Living is a local brand. The Bean Bag selection is a petite collection of 4 that leans towards the rebellious image. Soft Rock Living are considered the Artisans of beans bags. The Bean bags used a wide variety of fabrics such as synthetic Suede, Leather and Fur to make it stand out among the crowd. The one that caught our eyes is The Dionysus, a shag pouffe that would put all pouffe to shame.

In case you are wondering, a pouffe refers to a small stool or a low seat with no back. In this case, The Dionysus is much more than a low stool. Available in 2 different sizes, it is the King of pouffe. For maximum comfort, we had the large 500L 1.1 meters wide Dionysus. Small would be a major understatement to describe this Monster pouffe.

The material that made the Dionysus is synthetic fur. Coming in two colours ( Artic Wolf and Silver Back), it would fit into any room with a cool decor theme. Be it a black/white or industrial theme, this decadent bean bag will the toast of the room.

Dad said the bean bag is perfect for him as it reminds him of James Dean. A self proclaimed *ahem* 'Rebel without a Cause' , the Dionysus is the perfect piece for him to break free from the norm.

As a low seater, it does its job perfectly. Regardless if you are a toddler, young child or adult, this bean bag will conform to your body to give you maximum support in your seated position.

It is little wonder that the boys would sneakily have their turn on it while Dad is not watching. Despite that, Dad still managed to have his relaxing moments, especially on weekdays when the boys sleep early due to school.

If you want to add a funky accessory to your room, the SoftRock Living Bean Bags will be a welcoming addition to any adult room. The Dionysus is one of a kind bean bag that will make everyone say Wow in its presence.

Get one for your 'Rebel' Dad at Mrphy here.

Soft Rock Living

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The Wacky Duo was provided a Dionysus for the review. All opinions are of our own.

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