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Klook Affiliate Review : Why you should choose them for your website

Source: Klook

If you own a travel website, should you join Klook Affiliate?

As a self-funded website, we do need funds to maintain the website to provide quality content to you as readers. Our website focuses on family, lifestyle and travel. Travel had been our forte and our travel adventures had been consistently the most popular posts on the website.

One of the challenges of travel is finding a reputable company to book your tour. At times, we go either go straight to the attractions with minimum savings. Sometimes, it can be a little daunting especially when you are dealing with a small local company when booking tickets way in advance.

We are glad to have discovered Klook. Klook is a reputable and well-tested site that provides over 50,000 travel activities on their website.  In most cases, the activities come at a discount vs getting directly from the attraction. It is possible to plan your holiday activities in another country just through Klook. With the ease and benefits booking from Klook, it has been ours to go the website for booking.


During the course of booking, we stumbled upon a partnership potential. Klook Affiliates. Klook Affiliates program allows the website owner to refer their readers to attractions in Klook and earn a percentage of the profit. Travelling does not come cheap, thus we welcome the opportunity to offset our expenses by providing a platform for readers that is reputable and cost-efficient. In fact, we love working with Klook and had even collaborated together on a travel workshop recently.

There are many other kinds of affiliate marketing out there. You can learn about it here.

What travel activities can you get from Klook?

Source: Klook

Klook allows you to book attractions, shows, sightseeing tours, activities, experience, food options, transport and wifi from the website. It is comprehensive in its offering and you could plan your own holidays around the activities in Klook.

Top destinations are a focus on Asia, with HongKong, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei and Osaka being readers' favourite. It is one of the easiest platforms to organise your tours with e-tickets provided for the transactions.

What is the benefit for website owners?

For website owners, you will get a commission for each sale referred through your website. There are different commission rates for the activities booked. Commission rates as follows

Attractions & Shows : 3%
Tours and Sightseeing: 5%
Transport and Wi-Fi:4%
Activities  & Experiences 5%
Food & Dining : 5%
Special Activities:2%

An additional bonus is provided if you had exceeded the monthly sales volume
Level 0 - US$0-US$4999 - 0%
Level 1- US $5000-US$19,000 - 6%
Level3 - US $20000 - US $99,999 - 10 %
Level 3- US $100 000 and above - 15%

Influencer Program
As partners with Klook, you could request for sponsorship directly via the Klook Influencer Program.  These will help offset your travel needs while using the experiences to help with your travel content.

Who qualifies for Klook Affiliate Program?

If you own a travel or lifestyle website, Klook Affiliation will be a great addition to your website. If you won an Instagram or YouTube account, you could also use the platform to refer viewers to Klook. That said, Klook Affiliate Program is best for websites with a general or niche focus on Klook.

How do you use Klook Affiliate links?

If you are unsure how to incorporate Klook onto your website, here are some posts we did using Klook Affiliate Links

8 Days Family Itinerary in Osaka

Hong Kong activities for kids

How to use Klook Affliate Program?

As a content provider, here is how you could use Klook in your post

1 Text Links:  Text Links allow you to create a unique hyperlink to activity in Klook. The link includes your Klook ID and any booking made will be credited to you.

2 Search box: Use the search box to let users search properties within your site.

3 Static Banner:  Build beautiful image banners that look great on your site.
4 Activity banners: Design the experience ideal for users.

5 Promo codes: Increase conversion and earn more commission with additional discounts on your website.

Why Klook
The beneficial relationship for website owners and readers
Readers get to know the cheaper rates available on Klook and website owners get a commission for every deal booked.

Prompt payment
Payment made when you reach US$50 per month when you opt for Paypal or Alipay. For international payment, it would be USD 500 minimum payout. From experience, the payout is within a month when the quota is met.

Website owners get a detailed dashboard on deals booked. Full transparency and easy tracking for users.

Well known and reputable platform
Klook is well established and is a trusted partner with several attractions including Disney and Universal Studios.

Wide range of activities across the world ( including the US and Europe)
50000 activities in 200 locations - Klook got you covered.

Sponsorship via Influencer Program
Possibility of sponsorship to promote activities from Klook.

If you are keen to sign up as an Affiliate-  you can sign up here

The is not a sponsored post. We are sharing our experiences with fellow bloggers and hope this would be beneficial.

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