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Cross Hotel Osaka Review

Heading to Osaka?

Stay at the heart of the action in Dotonbori at Cross Hotel Osaka .

Located in between the Food Street of Dotonbori and the shopping arcade of Shinsaibashi, Cross Hotel Osaka has the best location in town for first-time visitors. There is no need to take a train to these two hotspots in Osaka as they are all within walking distance of fewer than 5 minutes away. The hotel is also located near the Namba station ( about 10 minutes walk) and would bring you to other parts of Osaka with ease.

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The Hotel

Cross Hotel is a 4-star rated hotel with a variety of rooms. If you are travelling in a family of 4 with young kids, you could find a space to fit all ( provided that one of the children is below 6 years old). In Japan, some establishments could be pretty strict on the number of people in the room, so take note of that when you book the hotel.

Check-in time was at 3pm. From what we observed, this is implemented rather strictly in Japan. There is a small lobby for you to wait in. If you are there much earlier, we suggest leaving the bags with the concierge while you explore the area around the hotel. Since it is a short walk to either Dotonbori or Shinsaibashi Shopping arcade, you can choose eating or shopping to pass the time.

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The Floors

With a family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 kids ), we managed to book the triple room from . The booking was a breeze. The room we had came with 3 single beds. It is a little bit of a squeeze, but we combined the beds for more space to sleep.

Each bed size was super single. You can judge the length from the photo below.

Sidenote - The toys you see on the bed... are mainly from the UFO catchers we caught during our week-long stay in Osaka!

The Cross hotel washroom even has a bathtub attached. However, there is no specific shower area, and it could be a squeeze with the bathtub taking half the space.
Source: Cross Hotel
This is the view we got from the hotel room. Looking closely, you can spot the popular discount chain Don Quijote across the street. If the shopping bug hits you, just walk across the street!

Our bookings came with a complimentary breakfast. The buffet breakfast consists mainly of Japanese dishes with some international fare. Overall, it was great as they allowed you to have one other special word off the selected menu.

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Things to do around the Hotel


We chose this hotel due to its strategic location. The main attraction for us would be Dotonbori, where famous Osaka street food awaits.
Street Food
Our food options during our stay were covered in one street with plenty to eat.

Check out the video to see what we ate at Dotonbori.


Looking to shop in Osaka, the Shinshaibasi Shopping Street will have you covered. Popular Japanese cosmetics shops are everywhere, with branded goods such as Disney and Zara filling the rest of this long street.  Just remember to bring more cash!

Be immersed in the nightlife
When night falls, you must head out to the famed Dotonbori River. The neon lights of Dotonbori will dazzle and makes a perfect backdrop for photos. If time permits, take a cruise there too. You can opt for a single cruise ticket or even get an Osaka Amazing Pass that will cover the cruise and more.

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Fun for kids

Kids are not left out of the equation. Plenty of UFO catcher arcades are within walking distance of the hotel. There is also Round 1, where you could bowl, sing Karaoke, play arcade and more. Great for the kids, especially when it is a rainy day.
Round 1 Sennichimae

Take day trips

The Cross Hotel is the perfect base for day trips. You could plan trips to Kyoto and Nara using the subways near the hotel. We managed to do a book and had a fun time exploring beyond Osaka.

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How to get there from Kansai Airport

Getting to the Cross Hotel Osaka is a breeze.

Most travellers will arrive via Kansai Airport. You can choose to use the Kix Airport Limousine Bus or arrive in style with the Nankai Line Airport Express (Recommended to buy early as there are limited seats.

 You would have to walk about 10-15 minutes to Cross Hotel after that, or you could get a cab along the way. We did the walking with 8 bags between 2 adults and 2 kids, and it was not an issue.

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Hope you enjoy the review. If you are keen to book a room at Cross Hotel Osaka, book from the link below!

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