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10 Reasons to Watch Matilda with your Child in Singapore

Matilda has finally arrived in Singapore.

Brought to you by Base Entertainment Asia, Matilda will be showing in Sands Theatre, Marina Bay from 21 Feb to 17 March 2019.

1 It's a Roald Dahl Tale
Matilda @ Marina Bay Sands
Adapted from the well love Roald Dahl book, Matilda is a tale of a precocious 5-year-old girl who loves to read and learn. She was neglected at home by their TV-obsessed parents and was sent to school. Alas, her Headteacher, the ever imposing Miss Trunchhill was a tyrant. Nonetheless, with her vivid imagination and a sharp mind, together with the bonds she forged with the Librarian Mrs Phelps and class teacher Miss Honey,  she took a stand and change her own destiny. 

Watch this popular children novel come to life on stage.

2  'Naughty', 'When I grow up', 'School song' and 'Revolting Children'- Sing to Olivier Award winner Tim Minchin Songs.

Revolting Children @ Matilda
The songs are catchy and witty to sing along. With a tinge of rock and roll, it makes a lively show. The Lyrics are meaningful too. 

Just because you find that life's not fair it
Doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it
If you always take it on the chin and wear it
Nothing will change
- Naughty
Naughty @ Matilda

Our favourites for the night are the feisty 'Naughty', the clever 'school song' that teaches you the Alphabet in a whole new way and the rock and rollish Revolting Child.  Children can learn a thing or two from the songs.

Catch a preview of 'Naughty', 'When I grow up' and 'Revolting Children' here

3 Wonderful cast with 4 Matilda's alternates for the run in Singapore
Matilda Stars
This cast of Matilda are from Lunch Box Theatrical Production. This young cast performed beyond expectations, with great chemistry, wonderful tunes and realistic expressions.
Miss Honey
There are a total of 4 Matilda in this production that performs on alternate nights. We had seen all in action and quite frankly, they were peerless in their performances. There is even a representative from Singapore - Sofia Poston. She may be the smallest but her flawless performance on the gala night kept the audience captivated throughout the night. The other Matilda performers are Lilla Fleschmann, Morgan Santo and Kitty Harris.
Ryan De Villiers  as Miss Trunchbill
Special mentions to Mr Ryan De Villiers (yes it's played by a bloke) as the tyrannic  Miss Trunchbill, Miss Bethany Dickson as the kind-hearted Miss Honey, Stephen Jubber as the Joker Mr Wormwood and Claire Taylor as the tango crazed Mrs Wormwood.
The Awesome Cast @ Matilda
Kudos to the cast that played the students from Crunchem Hall. They were simply rocking in their performances.

4 The Magical Experiences
Stage @ Matilda
Once you see the set, you will be amazed. It's like a trip to The Wizard of Oz with Charlie and the  Chocolate Factory thrown in. Although the stage may not be big, the way it transformed from the Living room of the Wormwoods to the classes of Crunchem Hall was fascinating. It's like watch Lego bricks on stage.
When I grow Up @ Matilda
Look out for the impressive Flying Swings midway through the show that will leave you gasping with delight.

5 Get a hearty Laugh
Mr Wormwood @ Matilda
When we read the synopsis, we thought we would be in for a melodrama. The laughter was a great addition to the musical. Comedic moments are aplenty and this musical made us laugh the most for a show.
Tango and Newt

Comic moments include the hilarious rumba threesome, the newt episode and the antics of Mr Wormwood.

6 Relive your school days
Wear your school uniform @ Matilda

This is not just a show for kids... adults are lapping this up as well. With such an amazing performance together with a good dose of humour, it would make a great date out too. 

Want to enjoy the moment even more? 

Wear your old school uniforms there to watch the Musical!

7  A Beautiful Story
I have been to Chokey!
If you had read the book, you would love how the music comes to life with is whimsical set and amazing performance. If you had not read it, you would love the twist in the tale. 

8 Award-Winning Show
Award-Winning @ Matilda
Acclaimed as 'the standout musical of the decade' by UK's Sunday Times, Matilda has garnered over 85 international awards including 16 for Best Musical. With over 8 million people have seen and gave their seal of approval, how can you say no to it?

9 It's a musical about kids
With Morgan Santo (Matilda) 

Matilda is essentially a tale about a 5-year-old child base in a school setting. The memo for this musical screams  'MADE FOR KIDS'

Now you got the memo, bring your children out to see it!

10 It's at your doorstep
Matilda @ Sands Theatre
No need to travel to West End London or Boardway New York when you can get quality musical right at your doorsteps at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.
Matilda at Sands Theatre
Matilda- The Musical is now showing at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands from 21 Feb to 17 March

TWD was invited to preview the musical. All opinions are of our own.

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