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Fat Cat Arcade Somerset 313 Review : Arcade fun for everyone!

There is a new arcade in town!

Fat Cat Arcade opens its second outlet at 313 Somerset. Located on the 5th floor next to the Food Republic, it is massive compared to the original Fat Cat Arcade at Djitsun Mall. If you have not heard of Fat Cat Arcade, it is the one with Maneki-Neko as part of its logo.

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Fat Cat Arcade
Arcade centres are making a comeback to Singapore. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have noticed that Arcade Centers is the new 'theme parks' that attracts both young and old.

Fat Cat Arcade may be a new player in the market, but they bring the best of arcades to the masses.


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You would not miss Fat Cat arcade at 313 Somerset. The large Neon Sign at the entrance as well the neon signs throughout the arcade brings a bit of Las Vegas in the heart of Orchard Road. Instead of slots machines, you get arcade games that challenge your timing skills, dexterity and luck!

Before you start, exchange for tokens to play. Fat Cat Arcade uses only in house tokens for their machines.
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The tokens itself is a collectable. If you love Maneki-Neko, you might be tempted to keep a few pieces for a souvenir. Once you have changed your tokens, prepare for hours of fun as you try to beat the arcade games, claw machines and redemption games.
Cool Coin!
The best value will be $50 for 300 tokens. Some games require only 1 token per play, making each game only 0.166 cents to play. As a gauge, $50 could probably allow you to play 50 games on average. With each game about 2 minutes long, you could easily spend hours there with 300 tokens!

Update July 2019
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$19 - 120 Tokens (20% more than on-site)

For $48 you can get 300 tokens compared to getting it on the spot.
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To kick-off, start with the skill base redemption games. These games are similar to games you would find in a carnival... except that these are mini versions of it. Our favourites are Down the Clown, Milk Toss Jug and Bean Bag Toss.

Best of all, if you hit the minimum points required, you will get additional bonus tickets.

Next up are games that test your timing
The Bishibashi
From Bishibashi, Pearl Fishery, Spongebox Pineapple arcade, Bounce Fireball, to Fruit Party, this are the games that mix skills with a little bit of luck.
Pearl Fishery
If you are good at it, you might even find yourself winning tons of tickets from these machines!
Fruit Party
Fish Hunter Machines that are popular with the older generations are also found here.
Fish hunters


There are also games that are mostly base more luck with a little skill. Fishbowl, Wheel of Fortune and Treasure Cove are popular with younger kids as they do not require a lot of skills to play.
Treasure Cove
The main highlight of redemption games are paper tickets. Hitting a bonus and seeing these tickets churning out from the machines is somewhat therapeutic.

Warning: It can get pretty addictive too!


Other than arcade games, there are plenty of Claw Machines on site. Claw Machines are games where you use the claws in the game to catch plushies in the machine.
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Ranging from the 3 claw machines to more skill base 2 claw UFO Catchers, fans of Japanese Arcade would love to give this a shot.

Choose from mini claw machines
Mini Claw Machines
or try your luck at Love Cut for the Jumbo prizes.
Love Cut
If you really want to try, start from the machines at the front. From experiences, we think these machines stand the best chance of winning a prize as it usually attracts a crowd when someone plays it.

We managed to get a couple of plushies wins from there too!


Fans of the old school arcade games would be pleased to know that Fat Cat Arcade have them too.
Racing games
Choose from racing games, shooting games and more. These are games that are great stress relievers.

Arcade Games

For those into sports, you can also pit your basketball and bowling skills with a partner.

Just bring them to Fat Cat Arcade and have a go at Fantasy Forest Bowling or Basketball Shoot.
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Finally, after hours of gameplay, bring your tickets to the ticket eater
Fat Cat Arcade Ticket Card

Get a Ticket Card to store the value of the tickets. You can choose to accumulate your points or head to the awesome prize area to exchange a prize.

Prize Shop
The good thing about arcade over theme parks is that you can exchange for a prize for the tickets won.

Having fun and getting a gift for that?
It's like having your cake and eat it as well!

Fat Cat arcade has one of the best prize selection in arcades. There are over 500 items for you to change here!
From branded plushies like Miffy to games like Monopoly and Nerf guns, you would feel like you are in a department store rather than an amusement center.
Opt for Marvel merchandise to local products to electronic goods. There is something for both young and old.

Comparatively, the prizes are pretty reasonably priced. You would probably get a better toy here with the same amount spend elsewhere. Not only the prizes are attractively priced, but the chances of winning bonus tickets are also great at Fat Cat Arcade too!

Some of the best prizes there are locally made merchandise. We think the Jerry Can bottle and the Ice Gem Plushies are super cool.

We spend about $100 for this review and walked away with a couple of toys as well as additional points on the ticket card. It's a fruitful trip and we will be back for more!

Fat Cat Arcade is now officially open at 313 Somerset.

Fat Cat Arcade
313 Somerset 5th floor ( Next to the Food Republic)
Fat Cat Arcade

TWD was invited by Fat Cat Arcade for a review. All prizes are won on our own accord and all opinions are our own.

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