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Learn to ride a bicycle with Biking Singapore: Review + Giveaway

Patient Instructors

 'Let's go and learn to ride a bicycle!'

We had heard this line before from Daddy. For the past few years, he had tried his best to impart his cycling knowledge to us. From training wheels bikes, to 'hold-run-push-hope for the best' method to psychology talks that we are 'one with the bike', these attempts had proved fruitless.

This time, he decided it would be best to 'sub-contract' this teaching role to the instructors from Biking Singapore. 

We took the Children Cycling Private Class package. It's 2 days, 2 hours course. With a track record of over 90% success rate, it might be the best chance for us to learn this important lifelong skill.

Truth be told, we were a little sceptical. Given our track records with bikes, we might just end as the bottom 10 %

Lesson 1 - Let's Ride 
Biking Singapore Coach

Biking Singapore provided experienced coaches for one to one lessons. They conduct group lessons as well for both kids and adults. Private lessons start from $200 for 2 sessions (2 hours) while group lessons start from $60 per session (1.5 hours) We decided that given our different learning abilities, private lessons would be perfect for us. 

For this lesson, you can bring your own bikes. For those without Bikes, you can rent them from Biking Singapore at $10 per session. 
The lessons are divided over 2 days. There were instances that one can master the bicycle within one lesson. 2 days is a sweet spot to learn to ride without any rush. The venue for the lessons would depend on our location, Biking Singapore would choose a public location that is suitable for teaching near where you stay for added convenience.

Pedals off

Instead of training wheels and full protective gears, the lesson started with bicycles without the pedals.  The objective of this was to make us comfortable gliding with bicycles. During the lesson, the instructors gave us specific instructions on how to lean, where to look when gliding.  
The first part was probably the toughest part. Using muscles we did not know existed, we had to push the bikes with our legs, raise it and balance.

This part of the lesson took us about an hour. One thing we noted that the instructors hardly held the bicycles during the lesson. Instead, they stood at the side for most of the time, giving us instructions and encouragement. It was a tiring first hour, but necessary for us to get the basic right.Compared to the constant barking by Daddy when he taught us, the instructors were patient, friendly and encouraging throughout the lessons.  There were plenty of water breaks in between as well to let us get rested for the next activity. With a few pointers to correct our posture, we were able to glide within an hour.
Look Ma, no legs
It wasn't before long that big brother was confident enough to have the pedals back on and ride.
The first lesson ended with one being able to ride while the other had no issue gliding. Sceptical Daddy was both amazed and proud at the same time. He said that seeing us ride was akin to watching us taking our first steps. 

Lesson 2 - Practise makes perfect
The second lesson began the next day. It is advised to complete the course a soon as possible as the body would retain the muscle memory learn for riding.
Ke Ha Chia
This time around, we took to cycling like fish to the sea. 

It was only 30 minutes into the lesson and both of us were already riding. The instructors did not stop the lesson when we were able to ride. Instead, they taught the basic such as braking, turning and reaction to obstacles. Everything one need in order to cycle properly.

At the end of the lessons, we were able to ride the bicycles confidently on tour own. The lessons were well planned and the transition from a non-biker to one steady enough to ride was seamless. The best part, there was ZERO falls from the lesson, making it a safe and fun experience for us.

We were so happy with our achievements that we immediately requested to go a test rides bicycles for our own use.

To have a whiff of what to expect during the lessons, check out our video here.

After the lessons, we are converts. Learning to ride was not as daunting as we thought. In fact, a systematic approach would get one up and ride within hours. Biking Singapore provides both child and adult classes as well as refresher classes for those who 'forgot' to ride.

Given our experiences with the coaches, we highly recommend to give them a go especially if you have limited success in learning to ride. The kids' lessons are recommended from children age 4-16. There are adult classes too for grown-ups who always wanted to ride but never had a chance to master the bicycle.

You can make your booking here.

We would love to share our experience. Thanks to Biking Singapore. They will be offering a complimentary 1 x 2 hour lesson (Worth $110) with bicycle provided. This lesson is for a child age 4-16. Lesson will be conducted at the open space next to Passion Wave@Marina Bay

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TWD was invited to ride with Biking Singapore for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.


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