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Rain Vortex Light Show @ Jewel Changi Airport : 5 Important Tips

Have you been to the latest light show in town?

One of the must-do is to see the Rain Vortex Light Show at Jewel Changi Airport. This is the world's tallest indoor waterfall. It's impressive during the day and comes alive at night with daily night shows. Here are 5 things to note for the Rain Vortex Light Show

1) Daily shows at hourly intervals

The regular daily shows are held hourly. The timings for the show are as follow
730 pm, 830 pm, 930 pm, 1030pm, 1130 pm

2 ) Best Viewing Area
There are 5 main areas to view the show. Each area will give you a different perspective of the show itself.

Level 1 around the Vortex

This will be the closest you can get to the Vortex. Some of the images' projection might not be obvious from here.

South Viewing Platform at Level 2

The only official viewing platform. Here you can get an unobstructed view of the Rain Vortex. Be there early as it can get crowded. This is probably the best view in the house.

Lobby H & Lobby F ( 2,3, 4 floor)
Lobby F
There are a fewer crowd here. We recommend you to head up to the 4th floor for a bird's eye view of the performance. Head to Lobby H instead of F if you are filming. The light projections are from Lobby H and the lightning would be a little harsh for videos if taken from Lobby F.

North Viewing Area

The viewing area is rather large and you can view it from 2,4 and 5th floor. However, the Rain Vortex is partially covered by the Skytrain tracks.

Canopy Bridge 

Access to the  Canopy Bridge is at $15 per adult. It is not free, but it is the closest you will get to see the Rain Vortex

3) It's a Free Event
You do not have to pay to watch. Entrance to Jewel is free. There is no need to travel out of Singapore to watch it

4) It's five minutes long

Stay for the whole show. It will be worth it.

5) Same show every night

The shows are the same regardless of which time slot you choose. Watching once is not enough, you have to watch it from different angles!

Enjoy the show!

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