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Jewel Changi Airport Review : 14 Best Photography Locations

Where is the best spot to take a photo at Jewel?

It's a massive dome shaped structure with many Instagram worthy locations. The most popular one will be the world's tallest indoor waterfall - the magnificent rain vortex. There are also other locations within Jewel for you to take that OOTD  photo. With over 10 floors and a whopping 135,700sqm of space, it may be mind-blogging to decide where to take the photo.  

Do not fret, as this guide will cover all the essential locations for that perfect picture. Without further ado, here are 14 other alternatives to shoot your best photo in Jewel.

1 Immersion Garden  - Basement 2  

We will kick off the list from the basement and work our way up the floors.

Head down to the Immersion garden located at B2. Here you will see where the water fall ends. Sit on the edge or give it a hug ( you will not get wet!)
Black and White
Pro Tip :  Take a slow motion video of the water falling as your backdrop.
Take a video or a selfie

2 Immersion Garden (Bird's Eye View) - Basement 1
Bird's eye View
Head to Basement 1  and take a photo from above.

Protip: Stand in the middle of the frame, spread your hands wide and look up!

3 HSBC Rain Vortex - Level 1
View from Forest Valley ( West Trail)
The Rain vortex would be the first thing to grab your attention as you spend into the heart of Jewel. It is an impressive 40 meter high. You would need a wide lens to fit everything into the frame.
Rain Vortex

Try to capture from different distance of the Rain Vortex. A wide shot and a tight shot would give a different feel. Get a wide lens for the selfie!
View from Forest Valley ( East Trail)

Protip: Nighttime is great for photography too.
Vortex at Night

4 Shiseido Forest Valley (West Trail)
Shiseido Forest ( West Trail)
Hike up the west trail of the 5 storey forest valley. There are interactive art installation on this multi-sensory trail.

5 Shiseido Forest Valley (East Trail)
Shiseido Forest ( East Trail)
On the East Trail of Shiseido Forest, the cascading waterfalls will make a good backdrop for your photos or videos.  Head to the Bamboo forest on the first floor for the Arashiyama feel.
East Trail Bamboo Forest
The gardens look great at night too.
East Trail at Night

Protip: Hike up the trails to take photos from different spots
East Trail Bird Eye View

6 South Wing Viewing Deck - Level 2 

There is only one official viewing deck. From here you can get an unobstructed view of the Rain Vortex. Good spot for the light shows in the evening too.

Protip: If you do not have a wide-angle lens, you should get a decent shot here.

7  North Wing Level 2, 4 and 5

You could get stunning photos from opposite of the South Wing too.  From here you can fit the lush forest valley, the Skytrain and the canopy walk all into one frame. You could take postcard photos from these spots too.

The north wing has viewing area on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floor.
North Wing Level 4
The view looks great during the day and night.

 Protip: Head to the 4th floor for a better aerial shot.  Go up to level 5 for a close up of the Vortex
North wing Level 5
8 South Gateway Garden - Level 2
Changi Airport Tower
Set against the backdrop of the iconic Changi Airport Tower, the palm trees create a sense of modern Oasis. This is also perfect as a tribute to the original Changi Airport Icon.

Close up

 9 North Gateway Garden - Level 2
Crystal Clouds
The crystal clouds rise above the garden to create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of reflections around the dome.

10  West Gateway Garden (Terminal 3 Linkway) - Level 3
Terminal 3 Linkway

A hanging garden. These elegant floral balls would make a good backdrop for your photos.

11 East Gateway Garden (Terminal 2 Linkway) - Level 3

The 17 fern columns is a natural backdrop for a selfie in the tropic.
Fern Columns
12  Canopy Park (opens June 2019)
Canopy Walk
The Canopy park provides several options for photo taking.
Petal Garden
From the canopy bridge to the petal garden and even the Skynet, there are several natural settings for that photo you desire.
Protip: Take a photo or video walking down the canopy bridge as an intro for your vlog.

Topiary Walk

13 Lobby H - Level 4
View From Lobby H 4th Floor
The next 2 locations are for landscape photographers.

Head to level 4 and find Lobby H tuck into the end of the floor. Here, you can get gorgeous shots of the Vortex with the Skytrains on the right side. With the lush forest framing your shots, it looks like a scene straight out from Avatar.

 14 Lobby F Level 4

On the opposite end is Lobby F. It has a similar view with Lobby H. There is slightly more clearance from the trees for you to get a wider shot of the Rain Vortex. This is also a spot to watch the Light show in the evening for that expansive view

Protip: Head to Lobby F if you want a bird's eye view of the Rain Vortex Light and Sound Show 

 There you have it, the 14 spots in Jewel for that perfect photo. Which one is your favourite?

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