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Kam's Roast - Micelin Star lands in Jewel Changi Airport

Fancy eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant at Jewel Changi Airport?

Kam's Roast signature Duck
Hong Kong's Kam's Roast opens its first-ever outlet in an Airport.  This 75 seater outlet is the 2nd outlet in town and the first in an airport setting.

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 Kam's Roast is famous for its wide variety of delicious roast. From Signature Ducks to Suckling Pigs to juicy Char Siu, Kam Roast is a meat lover's paradise.
Roast Duck Travel Gift Pack

At the new outlet, you will be able to get the signature roasts and cured sausages on the go. The Roast Duck Travel Gift Pack ( $60+)  is an exquisite travel gift pack that travellers can bring on their flight journeys!

Kam's Roast

You can also opt for the cured sausages ($25+ per box)  that consist of lean pork or goose liver, which you could bring back home as souvenirs.
Takeaway options available

There are exclusive discounts at the news outlet where the more boxes you purchase, the more discount you will get.

Get 2 boxes - 5% discount
Get 4 boxes - 10 % discount
Get 6 boxes - 15% discount

Kam's Roast Signature Roast Duck
If you have time, you should stopover for a meal. In fact, you should plan for a minimum of 4 hours to stopover at Jewel given that it has so much to offer.

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For dining in, choose the mainstays of Kam's Roast as your main course
Iberico Char Siu
Add Iberico Char Sui to the course. With iberico pork flown from Spain to create this dish. This pork is recognised as one of the four global gastronomic delights alongside caviar, folie gras and truffle!

Toro Char Siew
Alternatively, opt for the Toro Char Siew. Using meat from prime pork belly and marinated with Kam's secret sauce, this is a delight at every bite.
Suckling Pig

Feast like a king with an order of extra crispy and addictive Suckling Pig Skin.

If you are still not full by now, order extra servings of premium sausages and roast pork.

We had a sampling of their famous roast and it was perfectly cooked. The only regret was that we should skip our diet and ask for seconds!

Kam Roast
Jewel Changi Airport

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