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Avengers : Endgame Review - 8 Things to know before watching the show (Spoiler Free)

Is it worth the wait?
Avengers: Endgame is the climax of 12 years of Marvel Cinematic Universal (MCU) spanning over 22 movies. Thanks for Disney Singapore and Shaw Theatres Jewel, we managed to catch the premiere and had the honour of knowing the ENDGAME before anyone else in Singapore!

It's hard to resist writing a review on this awesome show. At the same time, we do not wish to spoil the show for those who had yet to watch it.

As Thanos command - No Spoilers from us.

So here is our spoiler-free review

1 It's not Infinity War 2

Infinity War was all action pack from the get-go. Avengers: Endgame is a different beast altogether. This is not your usual Marvel movie. Rather, it is the culmination of all aspects of MCU movies of yesteryear.

It has the darkness of Ironman, the wit of Guardians of the Galaxy, the grandeur of Thor and the nostalgic feel of Captain America. This is one movie that packs everything in to a 3 hours long finale. From emotional moments to epic battles, this movie has it all.

That said, prepare for the long roller coaster ride ahead!

2 Fan Theories are a hit and miss
We have theories!
There are plenty of fan theories for Avenger's Endgame. We would say 90 % are a miss. Even for the 10% hit, it was not depicted exactly in the show. Unless you have watched the show, take spoilers with a pinch of salt. Best of all, avoid them and have your mind blown after the show.

3 Watch ALL the 21 movies to get a sense of what is happening

If this is your FIRST Marvel Movie, you would probably go huh?

If you have watched every movie in the past, you would absolutely love this befitting end to an era.

4 Who Dies, Who lives?
Lining up to exchange for soul stone

There are death and even 'resurrections' in this movie. Some may surprise you regardless of the countless theories out there.

5 Hang on to your seats
This is 3 hours long movie. Do your best to hang on to your seats. If you miss 5 minutes and you might miss the most important part of the show. That said, drink less water, bring a sweater and bunker down!

If you do need a break, we suggest you go early. The last hour is the finest I have seen in an MCU movie to date. It's of epic proportions and one not to be missed at all cost!

6 Bring the Tissues
You would need tissues if you are the emotional sort. Who wouldn't especially when this marks the end of (some) familiar characters in MCU that we had grown to love. We had practically grown up with Marvel, thus its an emotional event for us.

7 No Post Credit Scene 
This is not a spoiler, it does not impact the storyline. Unlike its predecessors, there are no post-credits. After all, this is the ENDGAME. This is the end of the Infinity Saga that took 22 movies to reach to this point. The next Marvel movie will be the start of a new generation. Therefore it's appropriate that there is no post-credit here.

Do stay on to watch the tribute to the original Avengers at the end credit!

8 It's a fitting tribute

The Endgame comes full circles in this movie. It's a fitting conclusion and tribute to 12 years of storyline that seamlessly come together in the end. It's hard enough to make a successful movie but 22?

The mind boggles.

It may not be the show you expect but it wraps up the BEST storyline in the cinematic universe.

For that, we recommend watching this show.


Dreamers Theatre @ Shaw Jewel

We caught the premiere as the first to ever watch a show in Dreamers Theatre at Shaw Theatres Jewel. Kids can enjoy the movie in front on bean bags, tents and ball pits, while adults can chill at the back n the comfort of their seats. It's an entirely refreshing movie experience that brings home closer to the movies.

If you have kids, you would love this place!

Adults Tickets at $10 / $14 *
Kids Tickets ( above 90 cm and below 13) $6 /$8 *
Toddlers (Below 90 cm) : Free

*Off-Peak / Peak

TWD was invited to the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Special thanks for Disney Singapore and Shaw Theatres Jewel for making our dreams come true!

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