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BalikSG : Discover Singapore's past with Augmented Reality

Fancy a spin in a time machine back to Singapore's past?

Take a stroll down Singapore River and rediscover history with Balik SG.
Balik SG is a newly launch app developed by National Heritage Board that lets you encounter historical characters, discover stories and places and revisit significant events in Singapore's history through augmented reality. Watch history come alive on your phone when you use the app at the interactive discover points to catch a glimpse of Singapore's past.

For the first phase, there will be 8 AR Discovery point locations along Singapore River for you to explore.  This is a fun way to experience Singapore for both young and old. Locals and tourist alike would have the opportunity to know more about our roots without the need of a guide.

The second phase will be centred on Fort Canning. This will be launched in June 2019.

How to start?

Download the Free Augmented App from Apple Store or Google Play

Once down, head to the Singapore River and look for the interactive discovery points.
The River Trail

The locations of the discovery points are clearly stated on the app. The locations are spread apart and it would take at least 2 hours to cover all 8 stations at a go.

The discovery points are cleverly situated at the permanent iconic statues found around the Singapore River. This igneous way of assimilating the existing structures with new tech breathes new life to the exhibits and gives more reasons for people to visit Singapore River.

Use the app to scan the code provided and you will activate the interactive component of the app. The app is relatively easy to use. The connection can be a little erratic at times, but it's interesting once you get it up and running.

You can see how it works here

Things to do with the app

Select a Conversation

Select a conversation with the interactive augmented reality. You will be able to hear tales of yesteryear from your selection. It is one thing to learn history from the books and another to interact directly with historical characters of the past. The latter being the more absorbing way to learn.

Since children are accustomed to technology. Harnessing it to enhance a learning experience is ideal as shown with the app. As for the older folks, having a history in your pocket will enhance an evening stroll along the Singapore River. Tourist would also benefit from this application as they would have a pocket guide during their exploration of the River.

2 Meet historical characters and take a selfie

For the River Trail, you would be able to meet historical characters  - Raffles and Farquhar. Here you could interact with them and even take a selfie.

Why do we like the App?

BalikSG: The River Trail

Fun and Educational
Going the AR route would be a good interactive way to learn about Singapore's past. Here history comes alive at the touch of your fingertips. How cool is that?

Historically accurate
The storytelling is based on extensive research and endorsed by the National Heritage Board and National Parks Board, ensuring a historically accurate experience.

Harnessing the latest AR technology, this will bring an immersive experience with the past

The app is free to download.

Great for a family day out
Need an idea for a family-friendly activity?

Put on your hiking shoes and get on the River Trail. Discover Singapore River like you never had before. After the walk, head to the restaurants along the river bank and have a meal under the stars. It would make a perfect family day out.

Special thanks to National Heritage Board for hosting us and introducing us to Balik SG!

TWD was invited for a media preview. All opinions are of our own.

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