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Avengers Endgame : 22 questions that remain unsolved (Spoilers Alert)

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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It had been a few days since the premiere of Avengers Endgame. It is safe to say that millions had probably caught the show given the stellar box office performances. The reviews had mostly been positive, yet it cannot be said that this is a perfect movie. It does close plenty of gaps throughout the 22 Marvel movies, yet at the same time, it was thrown back a ton of questions that fans may have. Here are 22 questions that had made our heads spin since watching the Endgame.

Time Travel Related Questions
1 Time Travel is confusing in the Endgame


Ironman and Hulk specifically said that it is unlike Back to the Future, whereby you change one aspect of the past, it could lead to consequences.  However, at the same show, the Ancient One stated that the Infinity Stones must be returned to the original places to prevent a different alternate path from happening.

Time Travel is always difficult to implement in the movie. It throws up a lot of curveballs if not handled right. In this case, who is right?

2 Does Infinity War even exist?

Everyone knows Thanos died twice in the movie. The old Thanos was executed and the pre infinity stones Thanos perished in the dust. If the younger Thanos was killed before the Infinity War happens, does it mean that Infinity War does not exist?

The mind boggles.

3 What happened to the world in 5 years?

It would be interesting to see what happened during the 5 years when half the world disappeared Questions like 'Who rules Wakanda?', 'Any alien invasion during these 5 years?', 'How did Hawkeye learn to weld a sword?'  remainded in everyone's head after the show.

4 Was the world split into 2 after the snap?

There was a scene when Antman was searching for his daughter and he encountered depressing sights of overgrown trees. In fact, everywhere seemed like a mess. After the battle, there was another scene with Black Panther showing a prospering world integrated with the technology from Wakanda.

So was the world in slums after the snap or in a good state after that?

Questions on Infinity Stones

5 What happened to those who disappear in Avenger's Infinity War?
Source : Disney

Endgame did not provide a definite answer to this. They were probably not in the quantam realms as speculated. Ant man would have bumped into them during his time there. Still scratching our heads.

Source: Disney

6 How did the Avengers magically appear together in one final scene?

It would be a logistic nightmare for Dr Strange to coordinate all these in the moments when he was revived from the snap.  Spiderman did say he was bought to the battle immediately after the snap, so how did Dr Strange coordinate with the Asgardians, the people of Wakana, the magicians and the rest of the hero to appear together at the same time?

By the way, who are the rest of the armies at the Avenger's side?
The last we know, the Asgardians were almost depleted after Thanos attacked their ship BEFORE the snap. While the Wakanias were reduced in size during the battle for the stones. Who else did we miss?

7 How did Captain America return the Soul Stone?

The Red Skull was the Guardian of the Soul Stone. With the Soul Stone taken away, does it mean that he is not at Vormir anymore?

Captain America also had a personal grudge with the Red Skull. Would they not come to blows when they meet since Capt was the one responsible for returning the soul stone?

8 How were the Infinity stones returned in its original state?
Some of the stones were housed in vessels. The space stone was in the Tessaract and the mind stone was inside Loki Scepter. However, during the scene where Captain America returned the stones, they were in their stone state. That would mean that they were not returned in the original form that was taken away from the timeline. Would that not create repercussion to the timeline?

Character Questions

9 Where is Gamora?

We saw Thanos and his minions vanquished at a snap by Ironman. Since the younger Gamora was in his entourage, will she disappear as well? Was Ironman aware that the younger Gamora had 'converted to the good side? Was he aware that she was in the battle?

He was probably too occupied with fighting Thanos and would most likely miss Gamora. Even if he had seen her, he would not know who she was. Chances are Gamora may not be alive. It's 50-50 if we will see her in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3

10 Why Nebula did not immediately disappear after she killed herself

Nebula killed her younger self, yet she did not die immediately after. The timeline play at Endgame blew away all theories of timelines of Movies in the past!

11 Where is Loki?

Is he alive?

Given he had escaped his fate in Endgame as he disappears with the Tessaract, does it mean that he is still alive?

With his escape, does it mean that the space stone will not fall into Thanos' hand?

12 Did Ned and MJ survive the Infinity War?

The question is not answered in the Endgame. However, towards the ending, where Peter Parker goes back to school, he was joined by Ned. In addition, the new Spiderman movie shows a youthful MJ who has not to age. Given these, it could be interpreted that both Ned and MJ disappeared at the same time. Can anyone confirm?

13 How did the new Hulk become the new Hulk?

It was briefly explained how Banner experiments turned him into the new Hulk. However, it was never shown how he did it. Given his track record on experiments (see what happened to Antman during the time travel scene), it was probably a trial and error effort. What happened to Hulk enraged persona?

We kind of miss the old angry Hulk...

14 How did Captain America go back in time, stayed there and not mess up the timeline?

Essentially, Captain America going back in time would mean that there would be 2 Captain America roaming the Earth at the same time. Given that the time traveller would have known about Thanos, why hasn't he done something to stop it?

15 Has Captain Marvel upgraded her pager

Captain Marvel took a couple of days if not weeks to respond to the page by Nick Fury. She took 22 days to save Ironman in space. During the epic battle, she took minutes to show up. Did she upgrade her pager for a faster response? Is she using 10G network now?

16 Will Thor remain in MCU?
What will happen to Thor?

Given that out of the original Trio that kickstarted this successful franchise, Ironman had died, Captain America  grew old and Thor...

Thor was last seen joining the Guardians of the Galaxy on a new adventure. Perhaps he will show up in that franchise instead of his own movies in the future. A fat Thor is good for comedy and Guardians of the Galaxy is known to be the funny bone in Marvel Universe

17 Will the return of the Soul Stone bring back Natasha?

A soul for a soul. That is how the Soul Stone works in exchange. With Captain America returning the stone, would it mean that Black Widow be resurrected?
Given that Natasha would be given a story of her own in the post Infinity Saga future. Would this be a prequel or would it be something else altogether?


18 How did Thanos transport his army to the future
Thanos destroyed the time portal when his ship flew through it. In this case, how did he managed to get the rest of his army across? Besides he does not have enough Pym Particles to shrink his army to subatomic size to travel through the quantum realm. So how did he do it?

19 How did Hawkeye get a call from Laura after the Snap by Hulk
Laura had been missing for 5 years and only reappeared after the snap. That meant that the phone subscription she had would have expired or cancelled. With Hawkeye roaming around the world as a vigilante, it would be safe to assume he was not paying the phone bills. That said, how was it possible that Laura can still use her phone when she reappears after the snap?

20  How did the Asgardians find money to set up the New Asgard?
They left Asgard with presumably just clothes on their backs. However, do they find money to find such good real estate facing the sea? Given that they had proclaimed that it is a kingdom and they have their own ruler, does it mean they had created a separate country on its own?

22 What happened to Thor's Mjolnir?
Thor had gone back to the past and took his Mjolnir back to the future. What will be the consequences to the timeline if he had done this?

We knew that Captain America had used the Mjolnir during the battle with Thanos. He had taken the Mjolnir when he went on a mission to replace the Infinity Stones to the original timeline. However, the Mjolnir was never seen again when he returned as an old man. So what happened to the hammer?

22 How did Captain America get his shield back at the end of the movie?

Captain America decided to pass his shield to Falcon at the end of the movie. However, we knew that the shield was damaged during the fight with Thanos. The only way he could do that will be that he travelled back to the past and stole it from the younger Captain America. If this was the case, would it not screw up the timeline as he had messed with it by 'stealing' the shield?

For us, Endgame was an awesome show . However, it did asked more questions than it had solved. As you could see , there are plenty of unanswered questions from Avenger : Endgame. If anyone has a clue to the questions. Do leave a comment below.

PS: We love it 3000


  1. A Friend and my son pointed out that the timeline play is related to different realms in Dr Strange . This may explain some of the questions such as why Nebula did not die when she killed her old self. Regardless, it is only giving me a splitting headache...

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