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Ton Amusement Review- Japan Style UFO Catcher in Singapore

Love UFO Catchers from Japan?

If you had been to Japan and had stepped into one of the UFO catcher arcades like Taito and Round 1, you would know that 'UFO Catching' is huge in Japan.  Whenever we are in Tokyo, we would never fail to visit one of these arcades. The kawaii toys and the catchy Japanese music always set the mood for a challenge with the machines.

There are arcade centres in Singapore that tried to replicate this but to limited success. One of the common issues is the quality of toys found in such machines. They are usually sourced from China and of lesser quality to those found in Japan. Moreover, the arcades usually use e claw for their machines/ E Claws are notorious for being a Chance machine with a fixed payout rather than one that relies on your skill.

So it was to our surprise that we stumbled on Ton Amusement at Orchard Central. Located at Orchard Central, this arcade is tuck away on the 5th floor of the mall. This may not be the biggest arcade but it felt the most authentic Japan style UFO Catcher in Singapore.

Once we set foot in it, we are transported back to Tokyo. With Japanese tunes blasting away, the sight of Dragonball Figures from Bandai and other Japanese Anime figures set our fluttering.  Another thing that caught our eyes are that these are authentic Japanese UFO Catchers with the same machinery and set up.

They even have the popular UFO Catchers for food on Tripod Machines. this is where you would have to land the light on the rod when activated. When the rods are released, the prize would fall.

For those who are halfway from catching the toys and would need to top up on the tokens, you can use the occupied key found on each machine to do so. This is a great feature for the catchers as you might be just a catch away from getting the plushie but had run out of tokens to do so.

If you want the authentic Japanese UFO Catcher experience, head to Ton Amusement for a go at their UFO Catchers. A game starts from $1.50 per play. It's not the cheapest in town and the setup would require a couple of tries to get the prize. But for a centralised location in Orchard and the quality of the prize, you get what you pay for.

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Ton Amusement
5F Unit 33/34
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

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