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5 Character Trains ( Hello Kitty, Anapanman, Pokemon , Aso Boy , Yokai ) to get around Japan with JR Pass

You would not want to miss these trains during your Japan holidays!

The best way to get around Japan is by Train. Getting onto trains in Japan can be quite a challenge as you would need help from Google to get you on the right train. Getting on board a train can be an adventure by itself especially if you manged to catch one of these 5 cute trains that would sure put a smile on your kid's face. 

Anpanman Train
Anapanman Train

The Anapanman Train is a contemporary tribute to Takashi Yanse (1919-2013), the kochi-born creator of Apanman's children's manga. It runs across the Setp Ohashi Bridge from Okayama Station in Okayama in Honshu to Matsuyama in Shikoku on the Yosan Line This route is deem as one of the most picturesque  train view in the country. The train is also covered by the JR Shikoku Pass and the Whole Japan Rail Pass
Anapaman Interior

Aso Boy Train

Aso Boy Train

Aso Boy Train runs from Aso Station and Oita/Beppu Station. The train mascot is Kuro, a black dog and it is featured throughout the train. It has cool attractions such as WHite Kuro Seats where an adult and child can seat together, Kuro Cage, Wood-filled pool, Japanese style playroom and more!

Yes, it is covered by the JR Kyushu Pass and the Whole Japan Rail Pass too!

Hello Kitty Shinkansen
Hello Kitty Train

If you are in Japan, you would need to go kawaii with the Hello Kitty Shinkasen. Instead of a theme park, hope on to the cutest bullet train for a different experience. It is completely free with the JR Pass . The train runs a Kodama service ( stops at each station) between Shin-Osaka and Hakata. It's the perfect ride if you are heading from Osaka to Hiroshima!
Hello Kitty Train
The JR pass covers complimentary seat reservations, so do book your seats in advance as it is a popular ride. There are 8 cars in this ribbon-wrapped train with the first two dressed up for photo taking purpose.

Passes qualified for this ride includes  JR West Kansai Pass, Kansai Wide Pass, Whole Japan Rail Pass

Hello Kitty Train

Pokemon with YOU Train 

Catch a Pokemon on the Pokemon Train. Designed in 2012 to put a smile on faces of children in the Tsunami wrecked areas of Tohuku, this train travels from Ichinoseki in Iwate Prefecture to Kesennuma  in Miyagi Prefecture. Each journey takes about 1 hour 50 minutes and is covered by the Whole Japan Rail Pass and JR East Tohoku Pass

Yokai Train

Yokai Train
Yokai is the Japanese world for Supernatural monsters. Rest assured, these Yokai trains are anything but scary Running from Yonagon Station to Sakiminato in the Tottri prefecture, there are a total of 16 of such Yokai Trains. 

If you are brave enough, get the Whole Japan Rail Pass, Kansai Wide PassHiroshima Area Pass or the JR Sanyo-San'in Area pass to hop on to this ride.

The best way to experience these tans is to get a JR pass. IT is a cost effective rail pass for long-distance train travel in Japan and offers unlimited use of JR Trains for one, two or three weeks. For Itinerary Inspiration, especially on what you could do with a JR Pass. Klook has an interactive map that lets you zoom straight into specific regions and valid passes for the area will pop up. For a limited time, each JR Pass purchase will also come with an additional $20 Klook Voucher that can be used site-wide!

Make your next visit to Japan a Trainspotting adventure!

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