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New S$20 Commemorative Note launched for Singapore's Bicentennial

Got $20 to spare?
You know that inflation is coming when Singapore launches a new S$20 note. The new S$20 note is launched to commemorate Singapore's Bicentennial. Given that it is the Bicentennial, shouldn't it be a $200 note instead?

Back to the new note. The front of the note features a portrait of Mr Yusof Ishak, Singapore 's first president. He is featured in the current series of portrait notes. For this new bill, they decided to use another portrait instead.

The back of the note showcases eight pioneers who made significant contributions to nation buildings. The eight are

Munishi Abdullah- Secretary and interpreter for Sir Stamford Raffles
Henry Nicolas Ridley-First director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Businessmen and philanthropists - Tan Kah Kee and P Govindsamy Pillai
Teresa Hsu Chih - Prominent Social Worker
Alice Pennefather - Sportswoman
Adnan Saidi - WWII war hero
Ruth Wong Hie King - Pioneering Educator.

The note is a limited edition with TWO million pieces available for exchange. This meant that it is less than the population of Singapore. In time to come, it will probably end up on Carousell at a higher price.

You can exchange up to 20 pieces of the note per transaction from the branches of the nine major banks from June 10

- DBS Bank Limited / POSB
- Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
- United Overseas Bank Limited
- Bank of China Limited
- Citibank Singapore Limited
- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
- Malayan Banking Berhad
- Standard Chartered Bank
- The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Each note comes with a specially designed folder.
Source: The Singapore Mint

For a truly limited edition series, there are 5000 numismatic sets for sale. Each set comprises of an uncut sheet of three $20 commemorative notes. Preorder from The Singapore mint from Wednesday to Jun 13. Cost is at $280 per set.

If you break it down, it is $60 for the notes and $220 for the nice folder that comes with it.

Kidding lah!


  1. So why is Lee Kuan Yew not shown? Without his leadership Singapore would not be and all these others would have been nothing because there would have been no nation. Terrible disrespect for a man who garnered world wide respect and demonstrated leadership that the rest of the world recognized. Some even tried to copy his style. Because of his leadership Singapore is one of the very few diversified Countries that has maintained racial harmony.

    1. He is on the SG50 note. I think they want to showcase non political parties for Bicentennial notes. To be honest , I do not know who they are...


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