GV Hello Kitty Combo set- Find it on carousell?

GV is launching a Hello Kitty Combo set on 10 June...

and you might just be able to find it on Carousell on 11 June!

Given Singapore's penchant to buy in bulk limited edition items and place on Carousell (see the recent Uniqlo KAWS T-Shirts and Mcdonald's Curry Sauce Bottle fiasco), this limited edition Hello Kitty Bucket might just end up in Carousell sans the Nachos.

In the meantime, should you wish to get your hands on one, head to Golden Village from 10 June onwards.

Retails at $29.50, members get $1 off. You will get a bucket with regular popcorn, a collectable cup with a large drink and Nachos.

No need to watch a movie to buy one!

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