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No More Mcdonald's Curry Sauce Bottles...

It may be only 5 days but  McDonald’s Curry sauce in a bottle has sold out! 
That’s right, less than a week and they are gone. 

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But we suspect not everyone who is buying it is a fan. Just like past ‘limited ‘ editions items, there will always be the local entrepreneurs who will be out to make a quick buck.  Think Lego Dragondance set , JJ Lin concert, the Mcdonald’s curry sauce joins the list of hard to find items at an inflated price ( 200 % ! ) on Carousell.
Scalpers alert!

Before you hit the buy button, do note that curry sauce is still free at McDonald's if you purchase McNuggets. If you ask nicely, they might throw in another packet free. Why pay extra for it when you can get it free on demand


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