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Faai Di (快啲) By Ka-Soh @ Jewel - Quick and Good Food @ Jewel


'Faai-di' is a Cantonese phase for Hurry Up.

It is also the name of the newest eating concept by Ka-Soh that is open at Singapore's iconic Jewel Changi Airport. Jewel Changi Airport may have wow with its impressive architecture and the 40m rain vortex but it is food that is what is drawing the locals back for a visit over and over again.

Faai Di by Ka-Soh
Ka-Soh is the pioneers of traditional Cantonese-style fish soup in Singapore. With establishments in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, it is the proud recipient of the Singapore Michelin Guide's Bib Gourmand restaurant in 2016.

Faai Di @ Five Spice Food Court
The Michelin Bib Gourmand award is reserved for 'good quality, good value restaurants'. Given the perceived high prices of food in Jewel Changi Airport. Faai Di provides excellent value when compared to its peers. With most of the dishes costing $10 and below, it is value for money given its quality.
Tucked away in Five Spice Food Court, Faai Di has exclusive seating for their customers. This is a welcome respite given that crowds can be maddening at Jewel Changi Airport.

Faai Di serves up 3 main types of meals. You have the noodles and rice that you could eat as a main meal or you could have Meats/ Vegetables as your main course. Add desserts as side dishes and you would have a full meal akin to what you can get from a Zi Char store. Given Ka-Soh roots in Zi Char, this nod to local food culture is a nostalgic gesture.

Noodles and Rice
Faai Di Prawn Noodle Soup
We decided to start off with Faai Di's Jewel exclusive, the Faai Di Prawn Noodle Soup ( S$15.90).
With a thick broth, springy thick rice noodles and large portions of prawns, it looked appetizing on first sight. In our opinion, the broth is the key to this dish. The taste of sweetness lingers the more you sip, adding flavours to the dish.
Faai Di Prawn Noodle

Next up is the Yang Zhou Fried Rice (S$8). The rice was cooked soft and fragrant. The portion was good for one person . The dish would be better if the prawns were as big as the Prawn Noodle variant.
Faai Di

The Beef HorFun (S$9)was also part of our meal. We love the tenderness of the beef and wished it came with more. The HorFun was a tad dry for our tastebuds . The portion was generous and you would probably be very full if you finished one bowl on your own.
Beef Horfun

Meats/ Vegetables
Prawn Paste Chicken
Although Ka-Soh is well known for its soup dishes, we reckoned the meat/vegetables would give any Zi Char outlet a run for its money. The Prawn Paste Chicken (S$7.50) was both crunchy and tender. This Har Cheong Gai is filled with umamilicous goodness at every bite.
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork (S$8.50) has always been a dish we order dishes for Zhi Char. Personally, we live our sweet and sour pork to be crunchy. As opposed to our tastebuds, this variant was tender . If you are looking for a homecook meal, this would fit the bill.
Black Bean Spar Ribs
The Black Bean Sauce Spare Ribs(S$10) was a pleasant surprise. Pack with flavours, the ribs are soft and easily chew.

Kailan with oyster sauce 
We had to add vegetables to our meals, because vegetables are good for your diet. The Kailan with Oyster sauce ($7) and the Crabmeat Egg Tofu (S$6.50) are delightful addition to a balance meal.

Crabmeat Tofu

To end our meal, we had the Ka-Soh Fried Yam (S$8). With the Ka-Soh name attached to the dish, we had great expectations for the dish. It lived up to the namesake with a crunchy crust with generous fillings of yam. Although we are more accustomed to traditional yam paste, yam cooked in this manner would now be our favourite variant.

Fried Yam
There are plenty more option in the menu to choose.
Source : Faai Di

With price points of dishes mostly under $10 per dish, Faai Di is a gem in Jewel. For about $10-$20 per pax, you could have a delightful meal for 4. Considering the location and quality, it is worth a visit.

'Faai Di' head over to Jewel Changi Airport to sample it !

Faai Di
78 Airport Boulevard
#B2-238/239/240 ( Inside Five Spice Food Court
Jewel Changi Airport

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