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Going Kaws Kaws over a Uniqlo Shirt

The latest craze in town is Uniqlo X Kaws T-Shirts

Who is Kaws?

The artist KAWS is an illustrator named Brian Donnelly. He is well known for his creation of the Companion. A Character features in many of KAWS's famous works. A figure wearing large button aka Mickey Mouse, but with skull and crossbones for head and eyes. KAWS had designed for Kanye West, Nike, Hennessy and several other brands. It had been deem as a fashion icon and one of the in thing now.

Uniqlo X KAWS t-shirts is a series of designs based on the reinterpretation of iconic classics as well as new artworks. Given its affordable price, it is deemed as a piece of gem in fashionista eyes.
It was not until yesterday that everyone decided to be a fashionista. When the series launched in China, there was mayhem all over.

There are less crazy crowds in Singapore, which is probably why this guy can snap up to 100 t shirts in a shopping spree over 2 stores.
Source: Facebook Amy Lee SP

Unfortunately, due to KAW 'fans' like him, it was sold out in most stores. Even the online shop is not spared.
Source: Uniqlo

Source: Uniqlo Facebook

In case, you think it was a sale, it was not. You probably can find the 100 t-shirts in Carousell now with a price tag of 4.5 times its original cost at $85!!!
Not a bad profit margin especially you clean out the whole shop at one go.

But really, do you want to pay so much for a Uniqlo t shirt?

Granted that the materials are nice, but this is more of a fad than fabulous.

Hopefully, as one observer pointed out, it would not happen to Pokemon T-shirts launching on June 24....

PS : There is still a chance Uniqlo might restock... don't give in to scalpers and who knows, you might see one selling on Carousell for $10 in the future...

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