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Coming to McDonald's New Bandung Soft Serve , McMuffin Stack, Kueh Salat Cake and more!

Get ready to head to McDonald's tomorrow ( June 27)

McDonald's will be introducing 7  items to their menu. There will be FIVE brand new addition and two returning favourites to their line up

New on the menu
Fresh off the creative minds of McDonald's comes the Bandung Soft Serve, Bandung Sundae, Bandung Mcflurry, McMuffin Stack and McSpicy Deluxe. Returning old faces include Kueh Salat Cak and Creamy Herb Chicken Pie.

Bandung Sundae and Bandung McFlurry
Source: McDonald's Singapore
The star if the new launch would undoubtedly be the new Bandung desserts. Forget about diabetes and dive into the Bandung Sundae ($2) and Bandung McFlurry ($3)

These sweet treats will be exclusively at McDonald's dessert kiosk.

Bandung Soft Serve
Source: McDonald's Singapore
Another sweet treat would be the Bandung Soft Serve. There will be a variety ranging from Soft Serve Cone ($1), Twist Cone ($1) and ChocoCone ($1.2)

McMuffin Stack
Source: McDonald's Singapore
The Muffin Stack ($5.3) is basically Sausage Muffin with Egg Upside. 2 Chicken sausage patties, crispy chicken bacon strip, sunny-side-up egg and a slice of cheddar cheese stack between two lightly toasted muffins.

This is perfect for those on a Keto diet. Ditch the buns you would have the perfect Keto breakfast. No need to buy 2 sets of Sausage Muffin with Egg anymore.

McSpicy Deluxe

Source: McDonald's Singapore
A variation of the popular McSpicy, the MsSpicy Deluxe ( $5.90) one is topped with white cheddar cheese, a slice of Tomato and tomato jalapeno relish. Cornmeal dusted buns replace the normal sesame buns.

Creamy Herb Chicken Pie
Source: McDonald's Singapore
The Creamy Herb Chicken Pie ( $1) makes its return from its limited run last year. Will this pie filled with creamy chicken, peas, mushroom, carrots and potatoes stand the test of time?

Kueh Salat Cake

One last treat for the sweet tooth. Making a comeback is the Kueh Salat Cake ( $5.20 per slice). This pandan mousse sponge cake with sticky rice and coconut flakes is only available at Mccafe outlets.

All items are probably limited and while stock last. Try it early if you want to get them!

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