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The Claw @ Bedok Point Review

Do you like Claw Machines?

Dedicated Claw Arcades are sprouting around Singapore save for the East. That is about to change with The Claw Singapore setting shop at Bedok Place.

There are approximately 30 machines of various sizes. From bigger prizes to smaller ones, there is something for everyone to catch. 
Small Plushies
In terms of the quality of the prizes, there is a mix of authentic and other versions. To tell the difference, look at the tokens required for gameplay. Gameplay starts at 1 token for the smaller toys and 2 tokens for the bigger and authentic ones. 

If you are into Pokemon, there is plenty for you to catch them all.

Each token cost $1. At $2 per play for bigger toys, it is not the cheapest in town Unlike other outlets where there are guaranteed wins after a certain number of tries, this does not apply at The Claw Singapore.

We tried on hands on the machines. In terms of claw strength, it was not as strong as we had hoped. From experience, you could win from these machines if it is payout time. Otherwise, with the current set up, depending on skill and luck would be challenging.

In our humble opinion, the latter is a better way to play. Playing just base on payout will alienate customers as it takes away the fun from the unexpected.

There is a promotion where you would be entitled to more tokens if you change more. Compared with similar claw arcades around the island. It is not as appealing. With machines costing 2 tokens ($2) to play, it is not exactly the cheapest in town. Pop in when you are around to try your luck. However, it may not be worth the travel if you are not.

The Claw Singapore
Bedok Point
799 New Upper Changi Road S 467531

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