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Pay more for parking fines from July1

Singapore is known as a 'Fine' City.

We decided to live up to our namesake with increase fines for parking offences. From 1 July, fines related for parking would be increased from $4 to $20 depending on the type of offence.

It is well known that we love to 'siam ' parking fees whenever possible. The methods could be as simple as looking for FREE parking slots or to be as strategic as putting lesser time on the ticket than we need and hope for the best.
Source: Straits Times
While it may work for something, one hefty fine would erase all the 'hard work' we put in.
To mitigate this, it would be best to download the Parking SG app. This app allows you to park at parking lots that require tickets. Instead of tickets, you use the APP to pay. Best of all, it is by per minute, so you could actually save money from Parking if you park less than 30 minutes block. This would be a much better way to save on parking fees without the hefty fines.

Download Parking SG for APP Store  here or Google Play here

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