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Uniqlo X BTS BT21 Shirt - Limited to one per customer!

Uniqlo is on a roll

Hot off the heels of the KAW collection launch and the highly anticipated launch of POKEMON collection next week, Uniqlo will be collaborating with LINE FRIENDS and BTS to create BT21 t-shirts. The BT21 collection will be launched tomorrow in stores.
Source: Uniqlo

In case you do not know, BTS is a seven member South Korean boy band formed in 2013. IN 2018, they had the second and third best-selling albums worldwide and was the  best selling group  artist worldwide. They are so huge that they have an ARMY supporting them.

ARMY is their fanbase and stands for 'Adorable Representative M.C for Youth'. The ARMY is infamous for its ferocious support for BTS and no one is reputed to be able to stand in its way.
Source: Uniqlo

With this new launch and the anticipated demand, Uniqlo had issued a statement online. To prevent scalpers situation that they faced with the KAW collection, Uniqlo had decided that each customer is only entitled to purchase 1 piece per UT design and colour. In addition, they reserve the right to refuse any order if they suspect that it is for reselling purposes.

We applaud the move as this meant real fans would have a chance to get their hands on their favourite band T-shirts. Nonetheless, with the hype, we do expect situations when one would walk out with all 8 designs on hand.
Source: Uniqlo

Would you get the Uniqlo X BTS t-shirts?

As for us, our eyes are on the POKEMON T-Shirts to be launch next week!
Uniqlo X Pokemon Launch 24 June

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