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Would you pay $888,888 for $20 Bicentennial notes?

Bicentennial notes ran out in most banks.

But you still can get them for a 'bargain' at  $888,888 on Carousell.

Once again, it has proven that Singaporeans are entrepreneurs . Either that or scalpers are growing by the dozen and becoming increasingly active on Carousell. The scalpers are famed for getting any limited merchandise on sale and reselling them at a premium. Even the $20 note is not spared from this . Despite having a run of 2 million pieces, it was predicted by us that it would land on Carousell. 

At this time, there are already more than 400 listings on Carousell with majority asking for $25-$30. Those who are lucky enough to land notes with serial number ending xxx88 are asking for alot more than what the note is worth.

As of now, most banks have depleted their holdings of such notes. You can still find these notes at selected branches of OCBC Bank, Citibank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and HSBC.

If you do get your hands on one, I have some SG 50 notes  to exchange. Will consider a trade of 5 Bicentennial note for one SG 50 notes. After all, you cannot get one from the bank anymore.

Any takers?

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