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Bing Liang Mooncakes : Affordable Delight

Have you bought your mooncakes yet?

Introducing Mooncakes from Bing Liang. Having tried their CNY goodies earlier in the year, we decided to sample their mooncakes offerings.

Bing Liang Bakery originated from Ang gamily of Muar, Johor in 1998. Popular for their CNY goodies, they have now diversified into mooncakes. It had teamed up with Singapore's Masons Home Decor to operate in Singapore through a website -

The first thing that struck us is the details on the pastries. Each of the Mooncake pastries is intricately carved with Chinese characters depicting the flavours of the mooncake. Adorned with flowery design, the mooncakes are a visual delight. The mooncakes from Bing Liang leans more on tradition rather than style. If you are looking for good old fashion handmade mooncakes, Bing Liang is the way to go.

Here is a snippet of the mooncake offerings

Lotus Mooncake

The Louts mooncakes are considered to be the original fillings for a mooncake. This is also the most popular variant in town. The mooncakes are sweet to taste with a smooth texture.

Bing Liang offers the traditional lotus filling and the low sugar variant for the health-conscious.

Here is a list of their offerings

  • Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake $46
  • Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake $46
  • Lotus Moon cake $38
  • Low Sugar  Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake $50
  • Low Sugar Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake $46
  • Low Sugar Lotus Moon cake $42

White Lotus Mooncake

White Lotus Mooncakes are a grade higher than the traditional lotus paste. With smooth buttery texture, it is considered a premium mooncake to savour.

You could get these options from Bing Liang
  • White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake $52
  • White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake $48
  • White Lotus Mooncake $42

Green Tea Mooncake

Adding to a menu is the Green Tea Mooncakes. Using natural and fresh green tea leave from Japan, it will make a delightful gift to tea lovers.

  • Green Tea Mooncake $38

Red Bean Mooncake

Another traditional mooncake filling offered by Bing Liang is the Red Bean Mooncakes. These are actually the first type of Mooncakes made by Bing Liang and is a favourite among the younger ones for its sweet delights.

  • Red Bean Mooncakes $28

Pandan Mooncake

Pandan is another local favourite. These green fillings resembled green jade when sliced.

Get it in two versions

  • Pandan Single Yolk Mooncake $42
  • Pandan Mooncake $38

Durian Mooncake

Since it is the durian season, why not add Durian Mooncakes on your list?
The Durian Mooncakes uses 100% real and premium mooncakes. These are offered in traditional bake paste only at a very affordable rate.
  • Durian Mooncake $42

One thing that struck us was that almost all their mooncakes in a set of 4 costs less than $50 per box*.  Comparatively to other mooncakes, this was a much more affordable fare and value for the buck.

Don't just take our word for it, head down to their office for a free tasting.

39A Jln Pemimpin
Singapore 577183
(5 min walk from Marymount MRT)
Opens daily 2pm-7pm

*Early bird pricing till 8 August. Prices shown on this post are promotional prices before 8 August

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