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LaCie Mobile Drive 2 TB review : Diamond Cut Beauty

Say goodbye to chunky Mobile Drives

When you think about portable hard drives, you would probably be imaging a picture of a chunky box-like item next to your desktop. With the LaCie Mobile Drive, it completely distorts how a portable hard disk should look like.

If you are in the market for a good looking, pocketable storage, you have come to the right page. The LaCie Mobile Drive is an inexpensive yet beautifully design hardware that ups the ante in the looks department. This sleek-looking gadget comes with a diamond cut edge that would complement any modern laptops.
LaCie Mobile Drive

It is a minimalist mobile drive provides compatibility with USB Type-A or Type-C ports. This means that it would work well with both Mac and Windows.  The set comes with a reversible USB -C cable for ultra-fast transfers and a USB Type-C to A cable for connection to Windows devices
Comes with 2 cables

With capacities ranging from 1 TB to 5TB, it is capable of storing your work as you need it. Given its petite size, it would be most useful for work on the go. It has one of the slimmest profile for a Hard Disk Drive.  Comparing it to the other portable Harddisk in the market, it has lost all the fats but not the power. 

LaCie vs a standard size Hard Drive
Clad in an aluminium shell, it gives a sense of premium feel vs its plastic compatriots. This would not look out of place next to high-end laptops like the Apple Macbook Pro. 
Aluminium clad

Using it is a breeze. This is a plug and play model. To add to its premium status, it includes the Lacie Toolkit. It is a utility software that includes backup, restore and mirroring tools. There are 2 ways to use the backup. Either you choose to back up manually or set it to back up whenever anything changes. As for the mirroring, it will sync files on a particular folder on the computer with a folder on the drive. Whenever you update the folder, it will change of the other. To use the Toolkit, you would need to download it during product registration.
Free Adobe membership

Additionally, if you are looking to trial the Adobe Creative Cloud apps, LaCie will throw in 1-month membership worth US$79.49 in value. 

See our unboxing here.

For the speed test, if your connection is base on the faster USB-C standards, you would notice a difference in speed pickup. If you are looking for a faster transfer rate, you might want to consider the LaCie SSD version.

However, with a price premium of 4 times the cost of this unit, it might not be a viable option. Instead, if you are looking to get a diamond cut beauty that looks great and performs well, LaCie will be it. We guarantee that you would not find a better-looking drive in today's market.

The LaCie 2 TB Mobile Drive External Hard Drive is available from Apple Store

TWD was provided with a unit for review. All opinions are of our own.

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