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50 % Discount Promo for Fat Cat Arcade - We want!

If you had been following us on the website or Youtube, you would have realised that we are huge fans of the arcade. One of our favourite arcade would be Fat Cat Arcade. They have 2 locations- 313 Somerset and Bedok Djitsun Mall.

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Purchase your discounted Fat Cat Arcade Tokens from Klook here

When we head to Fat Cat Arcade, we always have to change $50 in order to get the maximum tokens for our bucks. If you change lesser than that, it may not be worth your visit to the arcade. However, there are times, we do not wish to spend so much on the games.

The solution - purchase the tokens from Klook!
Prices on site
We discovered that you can now purchase Fat Cat Arcade from Klook at a generous discount
The rates are as follows
$10 - 60 tokens
$19 - 120 tokens

If you compared it to the rates on site, it is 50% more for $10 and more than 20% more for $20 equivalent. In fact, for $48, you would receive 300 tokens. The tickets can be purchased for instant redemption if available for the day.  If not, you can purchase and redeem it 2 months from date of selected redemption.  Add the occasional discounts by Klook, you could end up saving a pretty penny. For the arcade fans like us, that would be a decent saving.

Purchase your Fat Cat Arcade Tokens from Klook here

With the addition of i-claw Taiwan alongside their arcade games. Fat Cat Arcade is a good stop for those who love to play arcade as well as claw machines. In addition, their prize redemption counter has one of the biggest and best stock prizes in town.

In the meantime, enjoy the video we made from Fat Cat Arcade

Purchase your discounted Fat Cat Arcade Tokens from Klook here

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