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I Claw Taiwan comes to Singapore!

I Claw Taiwan comes to Singapore!

Hailing from the shores of Taiwan. I Claw Taiwan comes to Singapore. Reputed to be from the famous night markets of Taiwan, this is Singapore's latest addition to the booming Claw Catchers scene in Singapore.

If you have noticed, Claw machines arcades are popping up in every other shopping mall in town. With the competitive market, a new player would have to work hard at gaining a share in this popular craze in town.

Claw Machines had always been popular in Taiwan.

I Claw Taiwan brought a bit of Taiwan into the heart of Singapore with their range of claw machines. Currently, I Claw Taiwan is set up in collaboration with  Fat Cat Arcade@ 313 Somerset, Fat Cat Arcade @ Djitsunmall Bedok, Zone X @ Lot 1 Shopping Mall and Zone X @ Terminal 3 Changi Airport. They had replaced the existing machines with new I Claw Taiwan branded machines. In terms of gameplay, they are much more play friendly than compared to their predecessors.

Ps: They will be setting up a dedicated shop in Jurong Point Mall by the end of the month!

Source : I Claw Facebook


To differentiate from other claw arcades in town, I Claw Taiwan plushies have Taiwan related plushies in the machine.

Setup wise, it is very catch-able. The plushies are placed on top of each other and you use a 3 claw device to grab the toys. Most toys can be caught with a little bit of skill and luck. You do not really need to rely on the payout for such setups.

For season claw catchers, that is the best way to play as you would pit your skills against the machine. Machines relying on just payout are a no go on our list. Thankfully, I Claw Taiwan machines are fair and fun!

We tried our luck and won 2 plushies with less than $10 ad Fat Cat Arcade @ 313 Somerset. Compare to our last trip to Fat Cat Arcade, the experience was much more enjoyable as catches were possible. Cost per play is at 6 tokens which translate to about $1 per play.

Cost to Play
The onsite rate to change $10 is 40 tokens.

You can get a great deal for tokens from Klook
$10 - 60 Tokens (50% more than on-site)
$19 - 120 Tokens (20% more than on-site)

Get your Fat Cat Tokens from Klook here before you go!

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