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Uniqlo Kaws is restocking!

Missed the Uniqlo Kaws T-shirts?
It was a known face that Uniqlo Kaws sold out on the first day. The main reason for this is the massive 'buy everything ' tactics by Scalpers. There were even rumours about an individual snapping 100 T-shirts at a go!

Thankfully, Uniqlo will be restocking the popular T-Shirts. If you can wait, you would be able to get one at the normal price and not 5 times more. Time to say 'Kaw Kaw Kaw' to scalpers!

For adults, you would have to wait till September for the restock. Do check the APP for update.
Uniqlo App Store
Uniqlo Google Play

The date to watch - 30 Aug 2019.

This time around, it will be limited to 1 per colour and design

Full details here

If you are a KAWS fan, hurry down before it is sold out!


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