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Sentosa Skyline Luge : 5 Reasons why you should ride on the Luge!

If you are in Sentosa, you must ride the Skyline Luge.

This is the most popular activity in Sentosa, judging by the number of tickets sold on the popular Klook platform, with over 318,000 rides booked!

The Sentosa Skyline Luge was opened in 2005. It currently has 4 tracks spanning over 2.6km. Access to the Skyline Luge is via Imbiah Lookout next to Tiger Sky Tower. You could also access it at the base near iFly.

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Why take the Sentosa Skyline Luge?

There are plenty of reasons why you should take the ride. However, weese 5 would be enough to convince you.

1 The 315 m ride up

Most would start their adventure from the base. Then, take the 315 meters Skyride to the Luge and enjoy the view.

There are 2 lines up; one is lower than the other. We recommend the higher one ( the one on the right facing the slope) as the view from there is glorious. Not for the fainthearted or those with vertigo!

The ride is inclusive of your tickets. Therefore, it will be the same number of times you can ride on it as per the number of Luge rides you take.

2 Four Different courses to choose from

There are four courses down the Luge with a total of 2.6 Km. The tracks are as follows
Jungle Trail (Orange) - 628 meters
Dragon Trail (Blue Line) - 688 meters
Kupu Kupu Trail (Red Line)  - 638 meters
Expedition Trail (Yellow) - 658 meters

The Jungle Trail is the oldest trail with a tunnel built. The Expedition trail is the newest

3 Easy to learn and ride

Children above 6 and 110cm can ride on their own in this ride. That shows how easy it is to operate this self-driving car. The speed down the slope can be controlled easily with the handlebars. You can purchase a $3 ride for younger children at the site.

4 Fun for Family

The Skyline Luge is a fun family activity ( certified by us!). This is one activity that both young and old would enjoy at Sentosa.

5 Affordable

It will cost $24 for 2 skyline rides and $29 for four skyline rides. If you booked from Klook, you could get 4 rides at $25 each, saving you a pretty penny for a family of 4.

Rides cost the same for both adults and kids. However, we recommend taking the whole 4 rides to have the full experience of Skyline Luge.

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How to ride

Riding a Luge is as easy as 1-2 -3. Just do the following

1 Pick your helmet

Choose your helmet. You need one for the ride.

2 Ride up the Skyride

Depending on your location, you might need to ride the Skyride up.

3 Quick Lesson

A quick lesson is given to you on the spot. You would learn to brake, go, move left and ride in less than 1 minute. It is as easy as that.

4 Choose your course

Once you are ready, get set and ride. At the early part of the course, you would have 4 routes.

Remember, once is never enough, so get the multiple rides to pass when you are there!

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Sentosa Skyline Luge
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