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Miniso Singapore : Marvel Series launch on 5th July

Avengers Assemble!

Miniso Singapore will be launching it's exclusive Marvel Collection on 5th July. The collection will be launched at Miniso Vivocity and Waterway Point on 5 July at 11 am.
This Chinese-Japanese company is well known for their affordable household and consumer goods. Set up in 2016, it has managed to nab licenses for Pink Panther, We Dare Bear, Kakao Friends, Adventure time products. In April, it got its biggest break with Marvel, getting the IP rights to produce Marvel Products.

This meant that we would get to see official Marvel goodies at affordable price on our shores. From their facebook page, this is what you can expect.

Source: Miniso

Source: Miniso
Miniso has been secretive about what will be the full range in store. We decided to peek at other stores worldwide to see what could be expected.

Here is a video of Miniso Products. The products shown may not necessary be available in Singapore.

Are you ready for Miniso X Marvel?

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