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Grid Mobile - How to Live Larger with the new Telco

There is a new Telco in town and it is set to let you live larger.

With additional mobile data and no-contracts plans becoming the norm, it will take something special to shake the telco industry. Grid Mobile, the brainchild of Singtel and ST Telemedia, take up the challenge with an integrated rewards lifestyle that enables you to live comfortably through a referral and loyalty rewards program.

Consumers can accumulate Gridpoints to offset their mobile plan bill. Use it to get cashback and merchant offers so you get more to live larger.

Mobile Price Plan

The plan starts from $24.90 with no contract.

  • You get the following benefits
  • Free Caller ID, Free incoming calls and SMS and 200 outgoing minutes and SMS
  • 20GB Data
  • Free 1GB roaming per month in Malaysia (Great for those who travel)
  • Free buddy SIM that comes with 1GB, 25 outgoing minutes and SSM for additional devices or family member
  • You can also customise your plans with add-ons. Additional 20GB cost $21.40


    On top of the package, you get to earn gridpoints

    • Every month you stay on grid mobile earns you 50 points
    • Refer friends - 50 points per month for as long as referred friend signs up and stays with grid mobile
    • Birthday month - additional 200 points.

    During launch promotion, you get additional 200 points per month for 3 months.

    What you can do with gridpoints?

    • Enjoy merchant offers with gridpoints
    • Use it to offset your bill
    • Get Cashback (100 points - 1SGD)

    Extra Promotions

    8% cashback with UOB YOLO Card

    Enjoy up to 8% cashback on Grab, Dining and Online Spend (Scan the QR code to find out more)

    Customers can sign up starting from 27 June 2019.

    For more details, check out Grid mobile

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