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New Primary school grading 2021 : Everything you need to know

By now you would probably hear that there is going to be a change in the PSLE grading from 2021.

AL Scoring
Instead of T scores, each subject will be graded using Achievement Levels (AL) which span a range of marks. Students who perform similarly will obtain the same AL. AL will be graded with 1 being the best score and 8 being the worse.

85 to 89
80 to 84
75 to 79
65 to 74
45 to 64
20 to 44

Foundation level subjects, which cater to upper primary school students who are unable to cope with regular or standard level subjects at PSLE, will also be scored on AL. The foundation level will have a slightly different grading that will be translated to the standard AL grading for aggregating PSLE score.

Foundation score
AL (Foundation)
AL (Standard)
30 -74
Below 30

Which stream would you go to?

PSLE Scores
4-20 Points
Express or N(A)
21-22 points
23-24 points
N(A) or N(T)
25 points
N (T)
26-30 points, with AL7 or better in both EL and MA

N(A) - Normal (Academic)  / N (T) Normal (Technical)

The PSLE score will be the sum of the AL of the four subjects and this will replace the T Scores. This will reduce the probable PSLE from around 200 T score aggregates to 29 possible scores. The lower the aggregate score the better.

All students regardless if they are foundation students in primary school would have a chance at the express stream if they meet the cut off at 20 points.

With the narrower range of possible scores, getting to popular schools may be more competitive. As a result, tie-breakers may be a common occurrence.  The order of secondary school would be one of the deciding factor going forward.

Tie Breakers Rules
1) Places allocated base on PSLE scores first
2) In the event of tie-breaker, these will be the tiebreaker
-Order of secondary school
-Computerised Balloting

Additional changes from 2021

  • From 2021, all P5 and P6 students will receive their results in the Achievement Level format.

  • Indicative ALs cut off points for various schools will be announced in the first half of 2021. This will be base on 2020 PSLE results.
  • Students with scores 8 and better in PSLE will be eligible to take a higher mother tongue in secondary school. Students who score 9 to 14 will be able to do so if they do well for mother tongue to higher mother tongue in PSLE.

  • Students taking Higher Chinese will no longer gain bonus points for entry into s Special Assistance Plan School but will continue to have an advantage over those who do not. There are no clarification of the advantage. We could only assume if both students score similar AL, the one with Higher Chinese will be considered first in a SAP school.

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