Hello Kitty madness is back with Hello Kitty Run, Hello Kitty Uniqlo T Shirts and even Hello Kitty Tumblers from 7 Eleven!

Hello Kitty is back!

Whenever Hello Kitty is mentioned, I would always remember the long queues at McDonald's for Hello Kitty plush back in 1999 ( ya I am THAT old). That name becomes synonymous with queues in Singapore. That probably started the Singapore Queue that we know of today.

So imagine my shock when there is not one, not two but three Hello Kitty items and events being rolled out this week. Looks like we are in for another round of queues

Hello Kitty Uniqlo 45th Anniversary launch

First up are the new T-shirts from Uniqlo to commemorate it's the 45th anniversary. Plenty of designs to choose from

Sorry guys, they are only available for women and girls. I can bet my last dollar that someone would try to make a quick buck on this at Carousell. However, judging from the response from the Pokemon collection, they may not be as successful as they think.

Hello Kitty Run 2019

|Hello, Kitty run returns on 7 September at The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay. No restriction on gender but we know who it will attract the most. There is no indication of how long the run is going to be but the words Moonwalk is printed on the medals. You can use this opportunity to carry lanterns around the park too!

You can register here for the run.

Sanrio Tumblers from 7 Eleven Thailand

This may not be available in Singapore, but if you or your friend is in Thailand, it will be great to get one. Costing only 69 baht (about $3.06), it is a pretty affordable tumbler.

Unfortunately, it is not available in Singapore, else super long queues would form.

You can still order one from Airfrov for $15 if you really want one.

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