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Aladdin The Musical : Review (Singapore 2019)

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Are you ready to fly the magic carpet?

Aladdin, a Disney favourite comes alive on stage at Marina Sands Theatre.  This Broadway musical based on the popular Disney animated film had been entertained the world since 2011.

Singapore is the ONLY stop in Asia for this Disney Musical. Judging by the magic Disney brings, this is one ride you would not want to miss. Here are 5 reasons why you should hop onto the Magic Carpet.

5 Reasons to watch Aladdin
Aladdin @ Marina Sands Theatre
1 The Familiar Disney Songs
A whole new world
Friend Like Me, A Whole New World, Arabian Night will be featured in this extravagant musical. Watching your favourite academy winning songs sung live will bring shivers to your spine. If you want to hear soundbites, check out a preview here.

Our favourite segments of the musical would be the 8 minutes rendition of Friend Like Me and the magical A whole new world set on a magic carpet ride.

2 A Whole New World
Live on stage
This is not merely an adaptation of the famous movie. It does retain elements from the movie such as award-winning songs, but it adds its own signature with a new interpretation of characters. For one Abu the monkey would not be in the musical. In his place would be Babkak, Omar and Kassim, the new sidekicks of Aladdin.

It may be a whole new world, but it is just as exciting.

3 Cast Chemistry
Aladdin and Jasmine
The talented Graeme Isaako shines as the cheeky Aladdin. Rising star Shubsri Kandiah glows as Jasmine while the flamboyant Gareth Jacobs gleams as the Genie. The chemistry between the three leads are undeniable. From the performances to the interviews, you can feel the sizzle between this trio.

The standout performance would undoubtedly be the Genie. Gareth Jacobs made the Genie his own and the 8 minutes long rendition of A Friend Like Me proved his worth. Beautifully choreograph with the antics of the Genie showcase gloriously,  this segment was probably the most energetic, hilarious and dazzling 8 minutes of any musical.

Gareth as the Genie would make Robin William proud!

The supporting main cast are a delight as well. The main villain of the show, Jafar played by Patrick B Brown and his trusty assistant Iago played by Doron Chester are crowd favourites. The duo provided some funny moments in the show especially with their 'evil laugh'.

Aladdin Sidekicks Babkak, Omar and Kassim are new additions to the musical that offers a twist to the original animated tale. The trio are a riot with their antics.
Main Supporting Cast
4 Disney Magic

With 500 sets and props in this production, this is one of the biggest set to come to town. Featuring over 300 lavish costumes clad with 500,000 Swarovski crystals, the cast looked dazzling on stage. The sparkles from the crystal made the cast shimmer on stage.

Look out for the amazing Cave of Wonders. There are 120 pieces of gold that come together to form this set. It's a spectacular delight!

Picture Credit: Base Entertainment

The highlight of the show would undoubtedly be the Magic Flying Carpet. We will not divulge how it flies save for the fact that it does so with  Disney Magic. Trust us, you will be in awe when the magic carpet soars to the moon and back.

5 For both young and old
For young and old
Aladdin is not just a family entertainment musical, it is a musical for both young and old. For those who grew up watching the movie, this is a great time to get reacquainted. For the first-timers, this would make an excellent date night. For the young ones, they will be delighted with the amazing songs and set.

In a nutshell, it's a show for everyone!

What're our thoughts?


That's how we would describe our experience. From the colourful sets, the well-cheographed song and dance routines, the sparkling magic from Disney, Aladdin live up to its billing as a magical show from Disney. Watching a Disney classic coming alive on stage brings Disney magic to a whole new world.

Be dazzled by the set and costumes, be charmed by the performances, be soothed by the music. This is one magic carpet ride that you should go on

When will it be showing

Aladdin will be showing at Sands Theatre from 21st July to 1 September. The show is about 2 hours 30 minutes with a 15 minutes interval. For the best seats in the house, we recommend the centre isle to enjoy the full glory of the show.

Tickets are available from here

TWS was invited for Media call and show for review. All opinions are of our own. Photos are copyright to TheWackyDuo

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